Monday, 26 October 2009

Progress Report

After seven treatments from my osteopath, I finally plucked up the courage to suggest running a few miles. he is firmly of the opinion that the way ahead is still swimming, or at least aqua jogging, both of which has me in danger of drowning as I would be risking falling asleep in the pool through the sheer boredom of it all!
Anyway, the man from Del Monte he say YES!! Within reason and with a few days between sessions to ensure full recovery.
So I did what was really a warm-up in Balloch Park on Friday, sticking to grass and doing some stiff strides (stiff as in immobile not hard!) in the highland games field. No real problems so I continued with my exercises and stretches until today when I followed them with an hours slow run/walk on the golf course, trails and farm roads around Cardross. A struggle at times, not helped by looking for a path that doesn't exist but an hours exercise doing what I enjoy most. Mud on the shoes, a wee bit of sweat on the shirt and a wee runners high post run!
Tomorrow night is the club time trial. The first of the (formerly) monthly winter events is being re-started and, as I am secretary and haven't been training for a while, I have been nominated as starter/timekeeper.
I'll also be tackling our social secretary regarding trophies for the presentation night. it had been decided that JR and I, as chairman and secretary, would be responsible for selecting them. I duly picked up the brochures and asked his opinion.
Would you believe that the 12 time Goblet winner and first and only ten in a row finisher of the West Highland Way, icon, legend and father figure, doesn't have the bottle to pick them in case the girls don't like them!!
Name and shame I say.

Back to the osteopath on Wednesday. i'll be reporting a tight butt as the only problem when running. Progress is good.
November fast approaching and I've started a moustache for "Movember" to highlight men's cancer health. OK it's still October but I'm after a wee start. Mind you if past bhistory is anything to go by, it'll be off in a few days. I can't stand the itch and Mairi can't stand the look.

Why not join in to highlight this important agenda?

EDIT: Just after posting this I joined Allybea, Keith, Dave W and maybe John K in registering for NaNoWriMo......... November is going to be a long month.
Several ideas in my head. Favourite at the moment is the tale of three ex-army rogues who set up a personal training company in Glasgow, and have be dug out of deep shit by a big flatfooted polis!


Ian said...

good to hear you are making progress Davie :)

Fiona Rennie said...

I bet you're well chuffed on getting out for a run at last. I'll look forward to reading your novel. Rebus in lyrca!

Anonymous said...

I will take a bet Fiona that 'Rebus'would not fit into BIG Dave,s lyrca's [they wouldn't fit far to BIG for wee rebus] read your blog BIG MAN. Jim R.

Davie said...

Two actors played Rebus and their is also the book of rebus. John Hannah isnae wee and Ken Stott isnae skinny, so my lycras might just fit.
JR, you are still wearing woolen tights. So you cannae slag onybody.

Anyway rebus wouldnae survive two minutes in Glesga.

BTW, I look forward to the clash of Rebus v Taggart in the upcoming Comic Relief version coming to a TV near you soon........ my money's on the Glesga polis.

allybea said...

Ooh I like your plot idea. Hope your tight butt loosens off with more running. Personally I'm trying to shrink mine with more running!

Ali x

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I did wonder about the moustache. I thought you were kicking off your porn career :-)

I might join you next month for the time trial, if that's OK?

See you soon.

Davie said...

Now there's a plot, Debbie.
Aging, retired cop finds a new lease of life in the film industry!

zbsports said...

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