Saturday, 27 September 2008

Little to report

Just two runs since my last post. On Thursday I was working locally and managed to get home i time to head to the club. A few absentees fro the usual pack so Geraldine and I were given the task of taking some of Jim Robertson's group for a harder run. I've reported before on some of Jim's training group, which has been boosted by the emergence of some of the girls from JogScotland. Sadly one of the girls, Laura was just coming back from breaking her leg on the WHW at easter when she went over on her foot on a training run and has broken a bone! Lucky white heather?
Anyway,back to Thursday's run and we all set off together but six of us, Christine, Elaine, Karen and Sandra plus Geraldine and I pulled away from the others. We did six miles which extended them a wee bit as it was faster than they were used to, but all capable of training at that level, so it was a successful session. Geraldine off with Ali and Christine to Aviemore for the weekend, and they are running at the Pitlochry 10k on Sunday. Have a good one girls!
On Friday I was in Aberdeen, Inverurie and Portlethen dropping off cars, bringing a VW Golf home that is going to Leeds on Monday. I fell in love with Inverurie, a lovely wee place and even better for the Craigdon Mountain Sports shop! £43 lighter for a Berghaus fleece and - wait for it - a compass. And they've got a website at
Nice well stocked shop and nice people.
Today I intended to get a few miles in but ended up answering an SOS from my son who was playing football and had forgotten to take some carbs. He is diabetic so texted me to take some along. I ended up watching part of the game - well it was better than watching the dire first half of the Merseyside derby. Got out later for 8 miles discovering a wee trail in Helensburgh that took my up the hill behind Camis Eskan and through some fields - no electric fences- and back home via the A814. 5 miles on road 3 off road. Not fast but worth the effort for the view over the Clyde to Greenock and down the firth. Sometimes the rewards far outweigh the benefits!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tuesday club run

Following Saturday's race I woke on Sunday very sore, and was delighted (not) when my sister-in-law, whose gym has closed for renovations, phoned and asked my advice about what to do if she went out running. She is a former member of JogScotland and as I am always extolling the virtues of running, found myself an hour later putting in a couple of miles with her. My reward of a cup of tea and a roast beef sarnie made it worthwhile. Back home in time to watch, Villa - West Brom Man U - Chelsea a bit of the Celtic Kilmarnock game and the entire days coverage of the Ryder Cup!!!
Couch potato or what? Net result was I fell out with my better half, got about 5 hours sleep before a 5.30 alarm and off to Edinburgh to pick up a Citroen to take to Goole. Unfortunately, some poor sod decided to end it all at Bellgrove and the train system went to pot. When I got back home at 9.30 pm after bringing a nippy wee Merc SLK to Glasgow, it was just to get some sleep before another 5.30 call and off to Invergordon.
I drove the scenic route home, the slightly shorter A82, but far nicer than the A9. Some low cloud on the tops but generally our countryside was as beautiful as ever. As I went through Glencoe I p[assed a guy running on the road, a bit iffy given the standard of driving today! I thought a couple of cars in a layby just in front of him looked to be providing support, so maybe he was on a JOG-LE and had to run on the road rather than the footpath. Still a bit dangerous.
The biggest trouble with Glencoe is that the radio signal more or less disappears and today it did so right at the moment Tom Morton was playing the sensational Alex Harvey band's Boston Tea Party. Thank God for the listen again button on the BBC website!

Total of 660 miles driving in two days and I'm off to Warrington in the morning to deliver the Peugot 107 I brought down from up north today. Can I put my driving miles in my training diary? I certainly feel as tired as I do when I've been running!

I was home just on 5pm, with just enough time to download tomorrows work, check routes and timetables, then get the gear on to head for a club run. To Arden Roundabout and back, scenic if a bit too out and backish, and boy was I bushed, felt really faint and no energy. Stress levels greatly reduced with easy run of 8 miles, only to be raised again when after my shower found my bag was towel-less! Micro fleeces do not make good substitutes.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Two Ferries Road Race

To Ardgour foe this race 10.8 miles along the shore road from Trislaig to Argour. Having run this race last year and as it's very much a Millie's day oot (thirteen members running), I was keen to see if, and hopefully, how much, better I could run. As last year's race was run in horrendous rain and with a strong wind in your face as you finished the last three miles or so, I thought it would be better this year. Still wet and windy but not quite as bad as last year and their was little actual rain by the time we started. I started my watch, but unfortunately when I checked it at mile one it had stopped at 2 seconds! World record in the bag. I started it again to see how the splits went and the second mile with a small hill was 7.48 and the next 7.24, the next time I checked was for the total time for the six miles to the 7 mile marker which was 46.16, not bad for me with a nasty hill from miles 5 to 6. Last year that hill killed me as I was trying to race some clubmates, so I took it a bit easier this year hoping to preserve energy for the second half of the race. Didn't work and by 8 miles the legs were showing signs of a lack of mileage the past few weeks. Not that I wasn't expecting that, so all I could do was keep going best I could, and hope for a decent time. When I finished, in 1.23.04, I was 3.31 faster than last year and fourth male vet 50.
Obviously the slightly better weather conditions were a factor and the decision to take the hills easier allowed me to pick up a fair bit of time, but I think fitness is a factor and my confidence has been given a wee boost.
Some fun and games from Millie members will no doubt be the subject of club banter. Not for me to reveal here, but as a wee taster I'll ask - What male member had a run good enough to qualify for third in the FEMALE over 50 category?
We also took home two of the prizes Geraldine taking third female vet 35 and Pat Burns third male vet 50. Two Milburn debutants also picked up a couple of bottles of wine for their efforts.
Karen and Sandra are two recruits from JogScotland who were attempting their longest race so far encouraged by Jim Robertson. Although finishing in their own good time, hey seem to have enjoyed the experience. The sight of Jim on the finishing line did inspire a sprint finish - to be the first to strangle him.
The bold Jim, by the way was a DNS as, after yesterdays WHW brewery trip where not a drop passed his lips, he spent the night at Chez Drummond and after a dozen drams, bed at 3am and a traffic delay when a car crashed at Strathyre he arrived too late to do anything but eat most of my Jelly Babies.

तवो फेरिएस रोड रस

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Club run and a new jacket

Completely ignoring the plug by Mike Mason for The North Face Diad, I bought myself a Montane Quickfire jacket from Footprints in Woodlands Road. New to me but will be back.
Tookit for a club run and it seems to do exactly what it says on the tin. Whilst always going to be wet inside as I sweat walking past a kebab shop, it was definitely breathing well as I remained at a lovely cool temperature throughout, probably because I didn't overload underneath wearing only a climalite t shirt. Nice easy 6 mile run with Pat Elaine and Garry, along the river dodging the flooding, through Baloch Park and back via Bonhill. Elaine had run 3.48 for Moray marathon during my hols so she was taking it easy (I hope) and thoroughly enjoyed her first marathon. It's hardly comparable, marathon's seldom are, but it's the first time for a long time that I've had a faster time for a distance than Elaine. (My 3.45 for London being a wee bit faster but that's only bragging rights I have over her as she is normally well ahead of me. I've no doubt Moray will be harder, as anytime I'm up there working I find it hard to find anywhere as flat as the FLM course.)
Running the Two Ferries on Saturday at FW and can't bottle this one as I'm the nominated driver, or so I was told tonight by Mrs MacReadie. We're meeting at 10am at the leisure centre so I'll at least get a long lie!
Ran this race last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the club stayed over on the Saturday night and we had a party in some poor soul's house till 3am. I think I'm fitter nthis year but whether the holiday layoff will affect my run we'll just have to see. One thing is for sure, the weather conditions promise to be exactly the same if not worse!!!

Monday, 15 September 2008


Hee Haw, Hee Haw, He Hawlways calls me donkey!
Old punchline fro an old joke but it applies right here to yours truly.
The story really starts before I went on holiday, just at that moment when her indoors looks you i the eye and says " How many pairs of shoes are going in your case this time?" So, as I couldn't find my Jesus sandals, I took 1 pair of old comfy Rockport slip ons, my current Mizuno Wave Rider trainers and my Salomon trail shoes to double as walking shoes and hopefully on some off road adventures. So, Rockports too loose and worn to be used for long walking and became pool shoes, trail shoes not worn too much as I didn't go off road and Mizunos became the shoe of choice for everything.
Fair enough, except wear orthotic insoles when running in them and normal insoles when not.
However I sem to have somehow put my orthotics in on top of the insoles at some point and wore them for walking, hence the sore calfs, achilles and toes I have been suffering for days. When did I find out? 1 and a 1/2 miles into my first training run when my arches were screaming for mercy. Stopped and took out the insoles and suddenly I'm running comfortably.
Hopefully no lasting damage, but how easy was it to make a simple mistake?
So only 3 and a half miles today, but, hey, every long journey starts with but one step.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Hoilday 2008 is Over!

Back in cold wet Cardross after two weeks of glorious sunshine. Not the best holiday I've had but that's probably due to age and changing tastes. However, Andrew swears it was his best hol yet, but that's a 22 year-old on a freebie for you! Although I started with good intentions and managed a few runs in thge first few days, heat and laziness took over and I only ran once last week, so the fact that I have niggle in my foot and calf are probably down to walking at Mairi's pace, i.e. very slow. Good food has made my trousers a wee bit tighter than before I left, but nothing like as bad as a few years ago when I went to Mauritius and returned a full stone heavier. No chocolate for the entire fortnight, other than on puddings and in the form of ice cream, probably helped keep the weight gain down.
I posted an invitation to run this morning on the club web site and was disappointed no-one else was up for it. So I just went home! I wasn't up for it and the idea of running without company didn't do it for me. I had a dog to collect from his holidays at my in-laws so I decided to wait till later before running if I was up for it, but so far I'm not! I'm entered at Stirling but don't think it is a good idea to race after two weeks of nothing, so I'll go with JR to Glen Loin near Arrochar for a bit of trail running, and as I've no work for Monday I will do another session AM and maybe try and get something else done later in the day. I don't have any other holidays until after the Fling in April which will give me a rest before the WHW race in June. Until then it's hard work throughout the winter.