Friday, 30 January 2009

Finish Strong

Just got this from a pal.


Jog Scotland group on Wednesday was expanded by three newcomers to my group, Jim, with whom I had run previously, and husband and wife Colin and July. Small world; I had coached their daughter, Emma, at West Dunbartonshire A.C. 5.5. miles in total and a wee word of warning to my regulars that if we had the three new joggers for the next session in two weeks time, we would be following the programme! That would mean running 1 and a 1/2 hours by the tenth week. Normally, we take them to that level and then run about 50 mins to 1hr15 depending on the weather, moods, Champions League,family comittments etc on a week to week basis. The feeling being that if they have run for the hour and a half, they can get faster by working that wee bit harder over short distances. Their main target is 10k, but those who aspire for further can do so by doing longer runs away from the club night, supported by JR or myself. Seems to work!
Following the run I had another discussion with JR that centred on...... running slower! We had a disagreement on how I should be doing this. I don't mind running slower, but I like to make progress on every run and he advocated turning back to run with slower runers when I get ahead. My wee brain can't cope with that, all it wants to do is keep going. However I also realise that I have to do the long runs at a WHW race pace, so off I went on Thursday afternoon for a run/walk over the hills/moors that lie between Cardross, Helensburgh and Balloch. Only a rough idea of where I would get to, an OS map to keep me right, and rucksack with Camelbak and snacks and warm clothing...... all needed!
After a false start, feeling uncomfortable in the Salomons which were rubbing the achilles, and returning home to swap for my road shoes, I started along the shore line at Cardross before coming back on the A814 for about 3/4 of a mile then a lap of Ardmore point, which was a quagmire in places, feet already soaking. Then up the Red Road towards Blackthird Farm before turning onto the forestry road and climbing through the forest to the farmland above the tree line leading towards Ben Bouie. However again it was a marsh and feet freezing I opted for a path down through the woods at Goukhill eventualy after some rough running and taking dead ends on the forest roads I came out down at Arden near Duck Bay. A jaunt along the old road towards Balloch before turning up the Stonymollan, back to Cardross, very dirty trails and road, before finishing by returning along the shore to finish. A total of 4.15 on the clock and Garmin and G Maps measure it at 19 miles although I was aware of various occasions where it wasn't getting a good GPS signal, and it's hard to track the exact route on G Maps so I may have gone a bit further.
One other task carried out today, with regret but also with a bonus. I mentioned that I had given up my golf club membership due to lack of use. Yesterday I emptied my locker and brought my clubs home. On the bright side, the course is right opposite my house, and is lovely running. As a member however, I have been restricted on the amount of running I could do on it as I was ruled by club by-laws that restricted access to the course for golfing purposes only. That meant I had to sneak on in the dawn or dusk when no-one could see me! Or my traditional Christmas morning run about the course, before the die hard members appeared. Now I can run without restriction under the access laws! Whoopee!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Club 8 miles (With the New Daddy)

Sitting around waiting on the latecomers at the club when I became aware of a presence beside me and turned to find Marco waiting patiently to ask if he could join us. A pleasure sir! Sitting right beside me, of course, was Brian, husband of Deb's midwife Lesley and a Flinger with a desire to run the WHW if he gets in. So a quick introduction before we ventured out and everyone else got a chance to congratulate him.
Condolences,and a cuddle, though for Marion who lost her father last week.
Setting off at an easy pace that soon picked up a wee bit as Pat and Marco headed the pack with Steph and I just behind. Quite a group going all the way to Arden roundabout whilst some, I presume, turned off at Cameron House. Out to the roundabout in about 35 minutes. A short break for a call of nature, before Steph set off at a fair lick. At Duck Bay, Marco went after him pulling Pat away and leaving me weel behind. I got back with a slightly shorter return trip by missing the Park St, Middleton St finish and finished with Steph, who went the other way, and he clocked the run at 66 minutes, back in 31.
Good conversation on way out with Marco chuffed with the new addition and with Debs part in it, rating it almost as hard as his dog bite experience when he was bitten in the bum by a poodle when doing reps in Kelvingrove Park. At least that is his story for an injury incurred in one of Glasgow's more notorious haunts (for love bites on the bum if you catch my drift)! At least Deb's photos are nicer.
Anyway, a good fast run for a club night and. although I faded from the front, I was pleased with the effort.

Monday, 26 January 2009

A Bad Day on the West Highland Way

Up early for breakfast then a drive to Balmaha where about 16 WHW runners organised by John Kynaston gathered for a run to Inversnaid and back. Due to a bereavement, John had to miss the run and Ian Beattie took over the organisation. A number of runners made alternative arrangements and I was the only Millie to go with this group. And, although I hate to admit my mistakes, I should have gone with the other Millies, as the WHW group set off far too fast for my ability and after only a couple of miles I was struggling. Absolutely nothing in my legs, possibly due to lack of recovery from midweek training. Admission time; JR had repeatedly told me that I would suffer from going with this group, but I wanted a bit of their fun and decided that I would go regardless of his advice. By the time I got to Rowardennan I was mentally goosed. Decided to turn back as did another couple, one of who had sprained his ankle. On the return journey I met Joe, who had ran from Drymen and turned back at Rowardennan, reaching Balmaha 5 minutes or so after me and accepting a lift back to Drymen during which we had a good blether. Then Jo, Jimmy, Ian and Geraldine from Milburn followed by the group led by Harvey the dog, with Mr and Mrs Pacepusher and friends being paced by their canine master who got a bit of a fright when a fool screamed "Harvey" on seeing him for the first time.
Getting back to Balmaha was delayed even further by taking a wrong turning on top of the hill at Balmaha. I went left instead of right and found myself slithering down a slope towards the main road. A difficult climb back up to avoid skiting out of control before finishing at the car park. Cold, wet, miserable and looking forward to a hot bath. I am very disappointed in my long runs lately, none of which have gone to plan. Time to get back to some serious planning and club companionship rather than doing my own thing and getting more and more disillusioned with progress. That's if they'll have me!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Working Hard But Treading Water....or MUD

After Tuesday's Blind Man's Bluff I went along to Jog Scotland looking for about 5 miles of easy running, and got in about 4.5 with a slower group than I'm used to. Linda, who takes the group below mine, wasn't feeling too good, so had the night off and as only one of my own group turned up I was asked to take Linda's. That was no problem and JR decided to add in an extra run after his 5.30pm group finished their run, bringing with him Christine who has entered the Fling and is building up her mileage. That meant the ladies ran a bit longer than they were used to, but at about the same pace so they gained and I,too,got some recovery mileage.
And I needed it as on Thursday I went along to the club, knowing we were up for 6 half mile hill reps with a jog back down to recover. A good turn out with Stevie, Adrian and Steph putting in some fast reps with their strong hill climbing background, Garry, adding youth and probably inexperience to run very fast(!!), Brian, a Flinger attending his first session, Geraldine, Richard,Ali and, in addition, a good group from JR's training squad doing their own thing at various distances within our session. The main drag from the main Balloch Park Gates to the top of the hill near the turn off for the north gate was a busy wee street. Street lighting for about 600yards then darkness, hiding the end of the run until you started meeting the leaders coming back down.A real struggle to keep going for all 6 reps, with recovery being stretched and lunch threatening a re-appearance towards the end. Legs like jelly and regretting the heroics on the first couple of reps as the young ones (and bar JR, Chris and Linda everyone is a young one to me) kept a heady pace on what everyone agreed was a good hard session. All on the main drive though, keeping the mud for Friday morning and a 9am meet with JR,Brian,Linda, Sandra from the night before as well as Catherine,her mad Dalmation "Jasper" and Lauren. An easy run said our JR. But what he meant was "you'll be running the Whinney Hill race route for next weekend, but you can go as slow as you like" Slow? Walk more like. A wee bit of jogging, rescuing of shoes from mud, swamp and kicking of branches. Five and a bit miles maybe of very hard going. On my least favourite of all the club runs. Grrrr!
Still, back to the club's HQ at the leisure centre where for a couple of quid into the kitty, JR manages to extend his OAP status to copious amounts of tea, toast, beans, jam and all served by The WHW race's oldest ever finisher! And Cowper put in an appearance to be embarrassed by the knowledge that those club-mates he had blown away the night before were back out at 9am the following day!
Now! Feet up with a rest day tomorrow and a run on the Way on Sunday.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Balloch Horseshoe In The Dark

Club night and five of us set off on the Balloch Horseshoe for a steady ten mile run. It's a hilly circuit on country roads after the first couple of miles. Wee Pat decided he would join us for the first two miles then headed off on an easy 5 mler. Easy 5 is about a steady 10 I thought and Andy and I stayed with him, dropping Steph, Jimmy and Geraldine before we reached Balloch. The pace felt good, and when we hit the Gartocharn Rd, the headlamps went on. Mine not as strong as I would like but combined with Andy's was sufficient to keep us on the right road and allowing us to miss the worst of the puddles and potholes. As I said, it's a tough run at the best of times but as you are heading north and east you are running into complete blackout, bar the odd farm house lights. The problem then is that you know you are on a hill, you just don't know how far the hill is going to go on! Also, the lack of landmarks means it's hard to gauge where on the route you are so it just seems to go on and on and on. And the farmyard smells! Took me back to my courting days when I walked my farmers daughter girlfriend (now wife) home on romantic starlit nights. On the plus side, it's fairly traffic free, I think about half a dozen cars passed us on the horseshoe road, and the surface is pretty good when in the country. As we started the long downhill stretch back to civilisation (? the vale!) the road started to cut up and had lots more potholes due to the lorries that use that stretch of the road to access a landfill site. That meant the quads started to complain as the legs tried to pick out the safest route, Andy, who seemed to be having a wee bit of tight IT band, struggled the last couple of miles so I finished on my own in 92 mins. Very pleased with that.
Still not sure what I'm doing at the weekend as I am a bit worried that the near 30 miles with no opt out on the lochside is a bit beyond me at the moment. 30 miles anywhere else I'd be happy with, but I've missed a bit of training over the past few weeks. I'll decide nearer the time, but may opt for a run at Arrochar before going to Drovers for a blether and transport the WHWers back to Drymen. Still, I'm pretty happy with progress to this point, and may opt to visit the lochside during the weeks ahead to cover the route in smaller sections to familiarise myself.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Warmest Weekend

I missed a weekend's training due to the lower back pain I was suffering on Thursday. I went to Linda for a massage on the Friday and felt she had released most of the muscular tension. However, whilst I could have run on Saturday, I had to wait in until my brother-in-law arrived or my wife came back from her morning visiting. However, neither happened till late afternoon and then I had to do the tidy up following the putting up of the flat screen telly. That included re- wiring the sound system, as she who must be obeyed wanted the sky+ and home cinema in a cabinet, with limited access for my mitts to get in about the wiring. Result was the back seized up again precluding any running on Sunday morning. So I gave it some serious heat treatment and stretching, hot water bottle being the favoured method. It seemed to work and when I got up this morning, things were much better. More heat this morning and a bit of massage using a Woolies thingy my wife bought me yonks ago and that I put to the back of a cupboard, where I found it this morning. Seemed to have done the trick so I set off for a wee run just as the snow was falling. Two miles out, the first fairly steady, the second up hill, before turning and pushing it a bit harder on the way back. 18 mins out 16.15 back. One of those runs that is uncomfortable as every wee niggle is looked on as a potential muscle ripper, but the upside is that I felt I was running freely enough to be able to go on a longer run tomorrow....
Now I need to think what caused it, was it being on my feet so long in cold wet weather on Sunday? My two runs on Wednesday with an hour between them, again in cold wet and snowy weather. Or is it sitting on my A*** at this laptop slouching? Or is my mattress about to go out the door? When I work it out things can only get better.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Not a Running Post

Well, not entirely. I'm stuck in the house in case my wife doesn't return in time for my brother-in-law arriving to do a wee handyman job for me - given my hands are only for stopping my face hitting the ground when I fall.
Things are a little stiff in the sacro-iliac despite a brilliant massage from my pal Linda yesterday. I'll probably need at least another to get back to anything like full mobility. Probably a result of the slow stuff and time on my feet so I'm going for a couple of shorter long runs back to back this weekend. Hopefully I'll adapt! I would heartily recommend Linda for a sports massage if your in the Dumbarton area.
I've just watched a recording of the women's bobsleigh with Scottish athlete Gillian Cooke in the British team. I've become an addict just because I read on the Scottish Athletics website that she was in the team this year and she and her "driver" (?) Nicky Minichello are getting in amongst the medals now and I've no doubt will be heading for the winter Olympics next year. A terrible crash for one of the other teams helped them to European Championship Bronze and World Cup bronze. They had a bit of bother on one of the corners but with another year of experience they must be on for Olympic podium next year.
Although I've made comment on their blogs, best wishes this week to Debbie and Marco on the imminent arrival of baby Consani, hopefully this Thursday as that is the predictor guess I've made after a bit of mix up over dates. I thought when I made my guess that that was the 23rd, then I received my Golf Club AGM papers that had Thursday 24th on it. Big Stupid though didn't realise that was the date on the minutes of last years meeting, leap year makes Thursday the 22nd. It does, doesn't it? So I've altered my guess Debs, it's on the 10th comment of your last post!!
I went to the golf club yesterday with my resignation letter. I love golf, but haven't played at all in the past year and very seldom in the previous two years. I thought retirement would have allowed me to live on the course, but running takes up a lot of my time and leaves me too tired and stiff. And golf causes a different kind of stiffness that makes running difficult. They definitely don't mix for me. So I decided that the 700 quid was better in my bank account than theirs and if I want to play, all I have to do is ask a friend for a game or even pay the green fees. It'll be cheaper! The only problem is that I can step out of my front door and onto the course so I'll start getting withdrawals from the spring.
So, if Bro in law appears soon I'll run tonight and tomorrow, and if he's as late as he normally is, it'll be Sunday - Monday.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Another good turnout and for once we all stayed together, heading out to the Strathleven Industrial Estate, at Bonhill for a rep session.Over a mile and a half to the estate for a warmup then running a lap of the one way system approx 1k with a jog recovery along one side. 5 reps that I ran fairly steadily although not timed. I was complaining of a stiff back (sacro iliac joint) that was probably due to tight quads pulling on the pelvis, so I didn't blast out as I normally do. Still, it was a reasonably even paced effort throughout and I'm quite pleased with them. Same run back to the club for a total of about 7 miles. A shower then a cuppa and a biscuit with JR in the cafe. OK I had some of his chips too. Another chance to steal some of his knowledge. And he had lunch this week with Mad JD, so watch this space as they'll have something up their sleeves.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Easy running

Tonight was my JogScotland group night, but, as I have been doing, I decided to do an additional run to make sure I logged the scheduled miles before going there in case I'm asked to take a beginners group. So I met Jimmy, Geraldine and Ian who usually meet at 5pm for their recovery run of 5 miles, a wet miserable experience as the rain in the Vale was teeming down. I'd brought a change of tops but hadn't brought extra tights or jackets and the ones I had on were saturated. As I had an hour to wait until the girls arrived for their jog, I decided to go home and do a complete change. On my return I took 6 out for about 4.5 miles and by this time it was snowing quite heavily. No complaints from the girls though, even though one of them was in a gilet. It's good to see so many of them turning out on such nights, there must have been about 25 in all groups plus JR's 5.30 group who just kept running when they got back to the leisure centre and also did a double session. If they keep going in this weather they'll do fine in the summer. From my point of view it's good to have a group to run with at a pace that is more akin to WHW pacing than I get with club runs and certainly not when I'm on my own.
I've also arranged to get a massage from Linda on Friday. We used to regularly get massages from each other on an imaginary tenner basis, where money didn't change hands, but I must owe her a few. This week my quads and hammies are tight so it'll be good to get a rub.

Club Night - Taking a Pounding

As expected on arrival at the club, the wags were waiting for me, and I don't mean Wives and Girlfriends. Those who hadn't heard the story of Sunday's escapade were soon filled in! The others had even more exaggerations and embellishments for their edification. (Sounds like that Good Old Days music hall prog). Thanked Steph for his efforts, above and beyond, in looking for me and then demanded a full route briefing for tonight's run!
8.6 miles by G map into Dumbarton with a loop through the Newton. Familiar enough that even I couldn't go astray. However, on reaching the Vale industrial estate at Strathleven we started catching the ladies of the Dumbarton Tuesday JogScotland group, seemingly hunners o' them. Running well and it wasn't until the top of Townend Rd that we caught the last of them - arguing about their route!!!! You can join Milburn anytime girls!
78 minutes after starting we were back at the clubhouse, arriving at the same time as the other group who had set off with JR. They were arriving from north and south of the Centre and were arguing about where they were told to go!
Le plus ca change le plus ca le meme chose!
Grabbed my gear and drove home to watch the mighty Rangers stutter their way to more cup glory....

Monday, 12 January 2009

On a morning when the Met Office and MWIS were sending out severe weather warnings and stating that walking would be impossible even in the glens, I traveled over to meet the rest of the Milburn Sunday Suicide Club with the intention of maybe passing on Plan A and maybe trying Plan Sensible. I should have known better. So about 8.45, nine of us, including new Sunday runner Christine, set off from Ardgartan on the climb over the forestry road to Lochgoilhead, before continuing round the Ben Donich loop for 20 miles of windblown, rain soaked fun and games. Soon settling into WHW mode of walking the hills and running the flat and downhills I found myself alone as Steph ran ahead from Lochgoilhead, and the others stayed together. Bad move. I passed a side road marked only as 5km of Dukes Pass leading to a Lochan, nothing to suggest this this continued to Ardgartan, so I stayed on the road I was on............ for four miles before it dead ended at a narrow path. I followed this path down a hill to two cottages where further progress required Olympian capabilities in windsurfing; sans board. The penny dropped. Even Steph's go anywhere attitude wouldn't have gotten him through the stormy waters of Lochgoil yesterday. Nothing for it but to go back and look for the trail. When I got to the Dukes Pass trail I decided to go that way, for about a mile before deciding that, as I wasn't sure whether that was the right way,I should get back to the road in case darkness over took me, or by this time exhaustion. Funnily enough, I subscribe to the theory that it is the brain that tires you as a survival measure, not muscular fatigue. By the time I got back onto the road I couldn't run another step! Luckily, it's only about a mile to Lochgoilhead from where I hitched a lift from three young lads in a very nice BMW. They had been at Drumsynie for a swim and were heading home to Hamilton, so I got them to drop me at the car park where JR was sitting with Ali and Christine. Thank God JR had had a senior moment and had forgotten to lock his car. Because he had given me the key as I should have been back before him! He probably won't make that mistake again. By this time Steph had started running back along the route to try and find me and I'd actually passed Jim and Geraldine as they searched the road to Lochgoilhead for me. Fortunately there was enough light, that they hadn't panicked and sent for the Mountain Rescue teams. That would have been the last straw! Whilst I'm grateful to the lads in the Beemer, it would be remiss of me not to share the following exchange.

Driver: Where's that smoke coming fae?
Me: That's clouds.
Driver: I've never seen them that low!

Anyway, I drove back to Alexandria with Jimmy and Ger, and Jimmy's parting shot was "Looking forward to yer blog."
OK. I hand it out, so I've got to take it. And of course I logged into the Millies web site where there was an enquiry after my health and well being from Andy. Mind you he had p****d off with Ian quick enough!
He headed the post LOST DAVIE. How can I be lost if I know where I am? Missing? Maybe.
So a late tea. But look on the bright side. 22 miles by G-map.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Club run 7.5 miles

A cracking turnout at the club tonight and we all set of together for an 8 mile loop of Bonhill, Haldane and Jamestown with the option to miss some of the loops for the less fit. As we were leaving a young lady in running gear came in and walked past us until she found Geraldine who looked less gruesome than the rest (only marginally mind) and asked if we were Milburn Harriers. A quick introduction and she was told to join in, and as we had a blether it turned out this was Sarah, a friend of Debbie and Marco's and who had been part of Debbie's support team on last years WHW. She settled into a good run and seemed to enjoy her run. She stays near me too, and we run on the same routes, so might manage to have the odd run together. After reaching the top of the hill in Haldane I found myself at the front with Richard, Andy and Stefan and after Mollanbowie Stefan found it a bit hard and dropped off the pace, so as we went through Balloch it became a bit hairy with the three of us pushing on and blaming the others. Thank God for inconsiderate cars, who broke the rhythm at various junctions and scaled the testosterone rush down a few notches.
58 minutes or thereabouts (no watch running) so considering the first mile was at the usual easy pace and the hills involved wisnae a bad run.
Off to another funeral in Campbeltown tomorrow and as we are missing another the same day near Strachur, we will have to go and visit a grave on Saturday so I'll miss the club cross country (what a shame).

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Learning Curve

Two runs today, both very slow in keeping with instructions to sloooow doooowwn.
At lunchtime I persuaded my son and heir to don his trainers and join me for a trail run, heading for the reservoirs at the top of Sinclair St in Helensburgh. One of two reasons being that I wanted to investigate how far a new trail ran, east of the main rd and running behind new buildings built by the cooncil for either cleansing or sewage reasons. The answer is not far although had we wanted to follow a right of way across Helensburgh Golf Club I suppose it could have gone a fair distance. The other reason being that as I wanted to do about 7 miles today and, as I was going to take my JogScotland group,I knew I had to do some running on my own to get that distance logged. My wife is always nagging me to train with my son, who is more into resistance training and hates me running away from him, so I invited him to join me in the early run. He did fine considering he spent most of the run on his arse or sliding about in the mud as he was wearing his road shoes. Hope he doesn't realise I have two pairs of traillies or he'll be off with my Inov8s. I finished off with some gentle strides on the reservoir bank while he sucked in some oxygen. Good father son bonding exercise, although he'll want a return fixture with some free weights and swimming.
At the jogging group, the ladies turned up with the usual excuses for not going too far, but three of the five did as they were asked and rattled off 4 and a 1/2 miles in 50 minutes. Two took a short cut, but at least they tried. Bless them!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Shoes and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Three runs since my last post, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.(Not in that order though, it just scans better!) Saturday was a short off road canter along the shore path in the village, a circuit of the farmers field currently a frozen stubble barley field that is brilliant for running on, although a marsh when normal temperatures return. About a mile and a half to it and return but, looking for a bit more in terms of distance I headed through the golf course, again frozen solid but this time giving me no traction in my road shoes so I ruined what was a decent run, lost interest and headed home.
On Sunday I headed over to join the Millies Sunday run. Some discussion of routes, with Elaine changing to trail shoes when Pappert Well was first mooted. I however fancied a flatter road run as I had forgotten to pack the traillies, but was out voted as it would have meant Elaine changing again. So Pappert Well it was a six mile, with a few hundred feet of climbing that I normally enjoy. However, before getting above the habitation line at Pappert I decided it wasn't what I was looking for and reduced my pace to a walk uphill for a while but got my running legs back to run to the top and back to Alexandria. Steph then decided to go onto Carman and the Stonymollan, but I'd had enough, with my mindset in ugly mode, not enjoying it and headed off to the Sunday papers and bacon rolls.
Still I thought, I ordered new shoes on Friday from Achilles Heel Online and they would be delivered on Monday or Tuesday. I always wear Mizuno Wave Rider, and have done since about version 6 (now version 12) and have had God knows how many pairs over the years. I have very flat feet and wear orthotic insoles in neutral shoes. No matter how many other shoes I try, only Mizuno WR feel right in the shop. I thought when they announced a change of last at version 11 I would have to find a new shoe, and tried various other options. However when I tried Rider 11 it fitted like a glove. The new shoes are version 11 again with 26 quid off in the sale.
However, the down side is that AH use a courier company who insist on handing the goods to the customer I had to stay in until they arrived........ on Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, if they fail to deliver them, you have to go to Cambuslang to get them. Of course I only realised that after I'd bought them. I'll go elsewhere next time!
So it was club night Tuesday before I got to try them, on an 8 mile run, out and back to the Arden roundabout, without headlamp (which I'd left in the car and couldn't be arsed going for). Fine until the wee kink in the path at the old Lomond Castle leisure centre, where I ran up the verge in the dark and nearly ended up on the A82. However this was the good run! After starting out steadily in a group of 7 doing the 8 miles, Steph stepped up the pace a bit, gaining about 15 yards and leaving me between him and Jimmy,Ian and Richard. I debated an easy run with them but decided that the pace wasn't that bad and caught Steph and had a brisk run out to the roundabout. Given the easy start 35 minutes out wasn't bad, as there is a fair hill on the old road at Cameron House and the dark paths which makes for careful footplacment. We turned immediately and set off back at a gradually increasing pace and I left Steph on the descent from Cameron House, arriving back in 32 minutes with an easy last few hundred yards, albeit I came back along Main St, after going out along Middleton St, so it's slightly shorter. Steph is happier running at constant pace and when he came back, via Middleton St, he was a minute up and seemed a bit miffed to have come back faster. Pace judgement isn't my strong point, so when I feel good I run harder. Unfortunately, as I keep being reminded, ultra running isn't about running hard so I'm on a pace learning curve from now on!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Finally - Someone worked it out

The difference between men and women:
have a look at this

New Year New Route

Turned up for the New Year run with Andy, Jan and Rob, and JR. met at 10am and waited a few minutes for any late arrivals before setting off on the run round Boturich that has become the standard NYD route. Jan and Rob are thinking of emigrating to New Zealand this year so it's probably their last time and Andy is a new member out on his first NYD run. I've done four or five but of course JR has been doing 'em since 1980.
Soon after setting off it was noted that JR was making the most of his passout from the family, who are home for New Year, and had quickly fallen behind the fairly easy pace. I decided to turn back and run with him,knowing how he suffers in the cold from the effects of his pleurisy of three years ago. Anyway he keeps telling me to slow down so why not?
I'm glad I did. As usual he was full of chat,tales of yesteryear and good advice. Then the real bonus. As we passed a lady with a couple of dogs we stopped to wish her the compliments of the season, and Jim was asking her if she had started running yet! He then pointed out her house was right beside one of his secret trails and then proceeded to take me round a wee loop that was a joy to run!
I'd share it with you but then I'd have to kill you.:-)
Finally following the Whinney Hill trail lower slopes into the park and down to the gates for about 7 miles, suitably slow on a lovely day for a run. A Lucozade Sport each to toast Ne'erday and home for a quick bite of lunch and then a trip to my in-laws for dinner...... another terrific meal!