Thursday, 12 November 2009


Until yesterday I was trying to run at least twice a week and, whilst occasionally managing about three miles before things go wrong, generally I am in discomfort from the first step.
Yesterday was my weekly visit to the osteopath and a description of my efforts only encouraged him to ban me from running for at least two weeks.Swimming, cross-training, walking and upper-body weight training are permissible, but avoid putting weight through my knee at all costs. My right backside muscles it seems are a lump of dead meat. And he set to putting life back in them. Hopefully without the need for the kiss of life!
This morning, I am unable to move, but I am about to lace up some shoes and get out for a good long walk. Tomorrow, I'll head into the gym and pool with Andrew, my ticket to cheap workouts. Aqua-jogger and a bag of training gear in hand.
So, to my choices; I see two options. The one of the brain and the one of my heart.
1. I have an entry (reserve list anyway) to the Devil of the Highlands 2010. I could make that my target for 2010 and forego the temptation to enter the West Highland Way Race, making that the two year project that it really should have been first time round. I can enter the Fling right up until the closing date due to their being no limit, so, if I get back training early enough, I can do it as the start of the build up to the Devil's. I will also hopefully, manage a lot more races, certainly more than 2009 in which I managed three (Alloa half (pb) the Fling and the WHW)
2. I enter the WHW race at the risk of being the world's biggest "Numptie" (© WHW Runner) and undo all the expensive treatments by doing exactly what I did last year. (And be ridiculed by anon the mouse contributors.)

I'm going with 1. above. That will save me from the perils of form filling and I hereby volunteer for marshalling/admin/photograhic duties as directed by the race committee (anything for a goodie bag).

That's one weight off my mind. Standby for the responses....


Subversive Runner said...

Comment number 1:

Sounds like a sound plan to me, mate. Corned Beef told me in 2006 that the WHW Race gets under your skin and he's right. It seems as if a ballot might be the deciding factor on entry this year and if I should not be lucky enough I too will be on duty in June next year. So if you need someone to carry your camera bag....I'll be your man (if I don't get in!!!)

Brian Mc said...

I reckon you are making the right choice. I DNF'ed my first two attempts at the WHWR because I didn't want to run the risk of longer term more serious injury from ignoring the substantial pain that I was in. It ended up being a 3 year project for me but my body is now 'used' to such distances.

stanb said...

sensible polis!

Dave, the race ain't going away and will still be there 2011 and beyond.


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Sounds like a no brainer to me..keep up with the hard recovery work and tackle it when ur sorted..


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Wow! You certainly have been through the mills! I think if you were do that to yourself again next year, you will do more long-term or permanent damage. Not sure you're ready for shopmobility yet!

Go for the Devils. It's my favourite.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

And you get a real cool T-shirt with a wee devil on it :-)

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