Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mud Sweat And Nae Tears

Long time no see!
A serious lack of progress in my general fitness, being a fat bugger and always finding that I couldn't run two steps has meant a blog that lurked at the bottom of JK's WHWR blogroll leading to complaints from race legend JR that he was sick going onto the blog to find I had written nothing. Still around 3 stones heavier than I was on race weekend 2009 and leading a now sedentary lifetyle, I had been out walking a lot more having become head walker to Millie my German Shepherd pup (now 9 months). The problem with pups is that, until they are fully formed (at about a year old), you have to be restrained in the amount of exercise they are given to avoid damage to their joints that causes distress later in life. So now I'm getting out 3 times a day for walks of 45 minutes and Millie is getting bigger and fitter and therefore more demanding. Then the decision is taken to have her neutered and following her op she hates me and the vet says mild lead exercise until her wound has healed. Bugger! So i'm going stir crazy until i realise I can walk just as fast and further without her although she hates me for going out without her!
Anyway, today is yet another anniversary of my birth. This is a good one though as I don't have to worry about appearing in JK's over 50 spreadsheet for a couple of years as I have moved up one! No, I'm not 60, there is an over-55 ranking.
So, a bit of forward planning required, as walking the dog in the rain means I need some good waterproof shoes. And as we move further afield and she passes the magic 12 month mark I can really think about getting fitter and starting to run again, realising that if I can't get running again over the winter, then I never will. So for my birthday I decided on being allowed to buy a pair of Goretex trail shoes that, even if I don't get running, I'll get mileage out of them walking on the same trails.
So I pulled on a brand new pair of Inov8 Roclite 312 GTX this morning and set off on a wee circuit that I use with Millie, being about 60% trail on the Clyde shore near my stately abode. Before doing so I logged into Facebook to check my wall and found a lot of messages from friends and family including this one from Ali B. "Happy birthday BDTP! Nae tears xxx" Now Ali has had a pretty traumatic time over the past year or so and when she was on a downer I'd send a message or comment with the admonition "Nae tears". So she was making reference to what became a standing joke between us and occasionally some other pals. However, as it arrived just before I set out I saw it as a double edged sword. Nae greetin' or nae muscle injuries (tears).
Off I went quick walk, then off at a jog, and suddenly realised that I was moving fairly freely and that, subject to a complete lack of physical exercise in the past two years, I might just manage to get round at a reasonable pace. Jog/walk was all I intended but I was surprised just how much running I was able to do and before I knew it I'd managed about 3 miles in around 35 minutes. OK I might just manage an audition for the next episode of Run Fatboy Run, but I'm quite happy with the effort and a bonus was just how good the Roclites felt, really well cushioned and supportive given my current weight. Pretty muddy on the paths and as normal I sweated like a sweaty thing(PC or what?). And nae tears; of either type.
so my first run was 3 miles at race pace if, that is, my race is on the West Highland Way between kinlochleven and the Lairig Mor.
But it's a start and more than I've done for a while. Maybe I needed the rest.....


NORRY said...

Happy Birthday Davie,

And thats a great start to the year Ahead, looking forward to seeing how your progress goes.


John Kynaston said...

Good to have you back in the world of blogging.

... and even better to see you are running again.

Look forward to reading more as you get fitter and fitter.

Peter Duggan said...

So where's your 60% trail circuit, then? Ardmore, maybe, or just along the shore?

Debs M-C said...

Great news, Davie. On blogging and running. As our dear friend Dario would say: "your legs don't forget".

Andy Cole said...

Great to hear you're back Davie.

Davie said...

Pete, Ferry Road to Geilston Gardens via the shore then back along main road. Will be using Drumhead and Golf course to extend until fit enough to hit Stonymollan and the Three Lochs Way at various access points.

Vicky said...

Great to hear you're back running.

Onwards and upwards :-)

Ali said...

Great to see you're running and blogging again!

Tears are healthy whatever the reason but those wee messages kept me going.

Am I forgiven for the lardosis comment now? ;-)

Ali xxx

Davie said...