Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I was I'm Back

The optimistic post previous to this was as a result of demand that wasn't really backed by performance. However,things went fairly well as long as I stuck to the flat roads and trails or gym and swim sessions. But no substantial improvements other than the ability to guess JK's time on the Devil of the Highlands. My prize is in transit and I received an e-mail from Debs tonight saying she is in possession of said prize.
On Monday I went to try a serious session of resistance work. Serious in that I hadn't done much recently and took my son and heir to keep an eye on my session.
The session ended suddenly with a serious dizzy spell although I recovered enough to manage some swimming and aqua jogging and a sauna.
However an attempt to run some hills at the club was an abysmal failure and I didn't do anything today.
So. What's the problem? I'm gubbed, that's obvious but why?
An e mail arrived from Jennifer Cuthill giving me the results of blood and urine tests from the WHW race. Most being reasonable, but one was alarming. Not from a health point of view as the notes explained that a hugely elevated reading for muscle breakdown was not harmful in itself,even if accompanied by severe muscle pains as long as they resolve themselves within a few days and you continue to pass urine normally. That's fine, I was not experiencing any muscle problems and could pee for Scotland. However, my reading was 29,490 as opposed to a normal reading of under 210. That's an elevation of over 140 x normal.

Did anyone beat that?

I may be wrong but I think I'm entitled to a longer rest!

Meantime I've put on a stone in weight. And unless a certain Mr Steele is also putting weight on I reckon I'm now as fat as a WHW family member can be unless retired for a generation or two!!


Lee Maclean said...

At least yer no a big Jessie!!

Mrs Mac

Brian Mc said...

29,000! That's the highest reading I've heard yet.

Are you eating enough, and in the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats, vitamins etc to recover effectively?

Davie said...

Definitely having a look at this. Ate throughout the race with little problem. Get plenty of variety and biggest problem is probably the sweeties and chocolate I eat.
want to cut down on that but I'm also looking at upping the amount of protein I eat as a %age of diet and lowering the carbs.

John Kynaston said...

Do you understand the results?

My CK level was 87 before and 2584 after. What does that mean?


Davie said...

I had a look atg some stuff on line and found that a truly elevated level is 50,000 and can reach 200,000 in extreme cases. It is normally looked for in cardiac arrest patients as it is a good indication of the damage caused to the heart. However, after prolonged exercise, it is not a serious problem as long as urination and muscle pain do not continue to cause problems as it can lead to kidney damage.
What I was wondering was if it's the case that the higher the count the more damage and longer recovery. That would explain my long layoff that thankfully seems to be coming to an end!!
BTW I hate you Kynaston - 2,584! Hardly registers. :-)