Sunday, 5 July 2009

Now I Know Why.....

..... Jim tells me to slow down. It's to train me to cope with the speed I reached on this afternoon's run. I could have walked faster, seriously!
My feet are all but healed, just some lingering bruising on my heel pad that causes me some discomfort first thing in the morning, and I'm walking pretty freely and feeling quite good. So why not run? I set off just as Roddick squared at 2 sets all and was nearly home in time to see the fourth game of the fifth set! From the first step out of the gate I was in agony as my ITB and quads combined to make me shuffle like I did on the Lairig Mor. I was embarrassed running past the pub next door, as the lone smoker outside obviously looked healthier than me, and the strange looks I got from passing cars made me cringe!
I managed to hobble down onto the foreshore and along as far as the footbridge before calling it quits and heading home. A last effort on the small hill on Peel St. was my last attempt to raise a gallop, but was too painful to continue. It was as if the past fortnight's enforced rest had never happened. I was still in the same form as I finished the WHW Race in - crippled. So I need to do some rehab. Heat, massage and stretching this afternoon, and I'll try some aqua jogging tomorrow.Maybe by the end of the week I'll be able to run with JR.... if he'll wait for me!

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