Monday, 30 June 2008

And training begins with an electrifying run!

Two solid runs last week on club nights with Steph on Tuesday and Stevie Cowper who had an easy run with me hanging onto him getting pulled to a swift 5 miles. Celebrated JR's WHW finish with the club in the Old Vale Bar. Guest was Bobby Shields who was responsible for the Race as he was one of the original two racers in the inaugral head to head.
Decided on Sunday to head onto Carman hill to start toughening up the joints and feet. Mistake! Being a roadie who avoids cross country, I usually avoid pulling on the trail shoes. Now I remember why. One wrong turning on the farm roads behind the golf course left me with the choice of turning back to the correct road or going cross country. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Bang!! electric shock through my left hand as I am poised to leap a fence. Now I know why there was no barbed wire to keep the coos in. Diversion. Empty field. Here I go. Bang!! Another shock. Somebody doesn't like me about here. And here I am married to a farmer's daughter. Still some tricks to teach me Mairi.
Eventually I get into a field to approach the road I should be on. Pass the coos and you're on the hill. OH. That's no a coo. Oh well, I needed the speed work.

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Steph said...

You should have jumped the fence instead of climbing like a big girlie. (serves u right for tagging me!).