Sunday, 15 June 2008

I suppose I'd better post

Sorry I've been away for so long. Blame Debs tagging me. I do so hate that feeling that you've got something to do and keep putting it off. Anyway I've had little to write about as I've done very little running, due to a number of factors including just feeling knackered!
After failing to finish Clydebank I found myself in Elgin on the day of the Dumarton 10k with a Coca Cola transit van to drive home before taking it to Lockerbie the next day. By the time I'd picked it up I reckoned I would just get home in time to change and go to the 10k. As long as I didn't stop, eat, go to the toilet. or I could always hammer it down the road. Anyway a mix of methods meant I was home at 6.15 and absolutely knackered so decided that whatever I did in the race I would do it slowly. However as I got to Dumbarton the rain started so I selected reverse and went home! A cop out!
Had some easy runs over the weekend but nothing to suggest my running was getting any better. Just no energy. Good at motivating others but could do with a mentor myself. Everyone has been training and running well but I.
The on Tuesday of last week I was sent to Dunfermline to pick up a car. I travel reasonably well dressed with collar and tie and dress shoes. However I ended up trailing all over an industrial estate looking for a company that exists in name only and by the time I discovered I was really looking for Somerfields warehouse I had three blisters. I couldn't train that niht but managed to take my jogging group on Wednesday. Didn't run again this week for a variety of reasons, family problems and work. I was looking forward to running the Vale 10k today, with fresh legs, but decided to trim away the dead skin on my foot where the worst of he blisters had been. Found it still horribly tender under the skin, and decided that I couldn't run.
If i had hobbled round I may have caused worst problems and jeopordised next weks run which might well be a unique experience.
On Tuesday night I took my blisters to training for a blether. Asked Jim Robertson how his preparations for the WHW race were going. Jim is a real veteran at this race and has 1,1 finsihers goblets, but has failed to finish his last two attempts. He has really trained well this year and his only worry was thatb his support runner had had to call off and as having a support runner on the last few stages is a must, he was in a pickle. Without thinking, well maybe I did think, but I volunteered to run with him. It'll be a whole new ball game running from about Kingshouses in Glencoe to Fort William. Not by the sensible route, but on the West Highland Way. At night. In the dark. I don't know the Way, having only run one small section Drymen to Milngavie and back. The mileage isn't the worry, but I don't do hills. especially downhills. I don't even like ordinary cross country.
So after following some of the club members on he Highland Fling, reading some books by trail runners, buying an American Trail Runner magazine, now I'm running with Jim. Can anyone see a pattern developing?

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