Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The West Highland Way Race Beckons

Nice easy training run at the club last night. JR was taking it easy as he has a wee race on Saturday, Geraldine was exhausted from work and,, as most of those I would have run with were absent, I simply went with the flow and ran for 45 minutes at a nice gentle pace.Really enjoyed it and washappy to finish without the need for oxygen.My wife had a hospital appointment today and as soon as I arrived (she came straight from work and me from the coffee shop), she informed me I had a recruit for jogscotland. Lindsay, one of the nurses, intends coming along tonight. The others in the department have said they will come too, but I get the idea that as with everything else in the NHS there is a requirement for a clinical trial first. So Lindsay is the guinea pig.
I gave her the usual spiel about it being life changing and that she would love it. Then she made the mistake of saying she knows Jim Robertson. So I told her what I was doing this weekend, and then found myself telling her and my wife that I would do the race next year! OH SHIT!
Striking while the iron is hot I went and bought a camelback, midge net, midge repellent and a running belt. So I guess I'm committed, or should that be I should be committed? Now where are my trail shoes?

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