Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Club Run - Arden Roundabout

After a day off yesterday when I visited my old mum with a belated Mother's Day card and pressie (well I was racing on Sunday!)and got a bit of exercise walking about the shops in Irvine looking for her. What a depressing place it is these days.
It was a pack of 10 tonight, for the 8 miles out and back run, shorter than normal as the club AGM was held afterwards. Young Peter came back and after about a mile he just ran away from us. Our first mile is usually pretty slow then everyone sets into a suitable pace, so I ran with Brian and Garry out to the roundabout, reaching it in 33 and a 1/2 minutes. Turned and ran back chasing Steph until I reached the Cameron Hill where my legs told me I'd had enough, so I slowed down having put in about 5 miles of a decent tempo. Brian felt the same as he had had a long run on Sunday. We caught JR's group about MacD's in Balloch and most of us had a comfy wee amble back to the club with them, surprisingly taking 2 minutes off the outward journey, coming back in 31.20. Shower and a bit of chocolate to replace the calories then into the AGM which was a quick meeting in comparison to some I've attended. We were losing our Chair, Secretary and Treasurer tonight so I came home as secretary. JR is Chair and Pat Treasurer. That should guarantee some fun at meetings! I had a word with club speed merchant Stevie Cowper about coming to training nights. Normally he has an easy run with us but if Peter keeps running he could help keep him company. Otherwise all we'll see is his heels.
Looking forward to June, the more sociable members of the WHW race family have organised a pissup for the Sunday night following the race. What I can't understand is that they've booked an upstairs room. From what I saw at last years presentation, most of them had difficulty negotiating a flat floor, never mind a flight of stairs!

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Subversive Runner said...

My good buddy and Delhi originated Karaoke entertainer, Darrel is also a jobbing builder. I do believe he's got the contract for installing a Stanna Stair Lift for anyone unable to make the climb!!