Thursday, 5 March 2009

It Snowed!

Knowing how disappointed I was with the lack of snow, I woke to white grass this morning,but with aching calfs and achilles tendon despite all sorts of remedial work over the past couple of days. Last night I had my usual group out for 70 minutes last night and they managed about 6 and a 1/2 miles at a good steady pace. One of the girls, who had struggled last week, described herself as feeling "F*****g fantastic" last night. That cheered me up. This group are a delight to work with. All moans to start with but once running are fine. They are very supportive of each other and looking forward to some target races in the spring. Three of them have entered the Grangemouth 10k later this month. The others are looking at the Womens 10k or Race for Life 5ks. They are well ahead of their target training and will surprise themselves come race day!
Only three in the group tonight, snow gone, as JR took his group for hill reps at the hill from the roundabout to the railway bridge on Main St, Alexandria. Jimmy Mack and I were happy to have an easy run round the Vale 10k route, extended a wee bit to 6.5 miles. Richard came with us and we dawdled round in just over 59 minutes, although it felt faster due to tired legs. A quick shower and into the cafe area for a quick word with the girls who were having a meeting about their relay teams for the Fling. When I left Ali was describing the Loch Lomondside leg of the relay. I'm sure they'll enjoy it!
Jim Robertson brought some old club memorabilia with him tonight and I borrowed a booklet dated 1975 that is a history of the Vale of Leven AC. I have had a quick perusal and there are some interesting articles. I asked Jim if I could copy it as there is mention of Lachie Stewart who ran with the Vale prior to joining Shettleston. It is my intention to give the copy to Glen to pass on, although if I know Lachie, he'll have his copy somewhere! Some good reading and some of the problems in running in 2009 seem to have been about for a bit longer than we think!

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