Sunday, 29 March 2009

WHW Inverarnan to Inversnaid and Return

After Tuesday's run I only ran on Wednesday, 5 miles steady round the Balloch and Lomond Shores before doing some reps and Fartlek with my JogScotland group for a total of about 9 miles. I didn't feel too good on Thursday and missed the club,although I didn't fancy reps prior to the weekend, and Friday was always going to be a day off as I intended joining the Glee Club for their long run on Saturday. On Friday night though my son who is diabetic had a bit of a virus/sickness and after failing to keep down his tea, fell asleep on the couch before I realised some time later that he was no longer with us, having slipped into hypoglycemia. I tried for about half an hour to bring him out of it, but wasn't having any success, so woke my wife, who had gone to bed early, as AJ often responds to her voice rather than mine when in a hypo. I often aggravate him when he's in that state (not on purpose, he just reacts that way)and so it proved as his mother's voice helped him accept the sugary foods and drinks we were trying to feed him and he came back out of it. Traumatic, and the worst he's been for a long, long time and indeed probably the worst I've experienced. As opposed to his mum who has had a few crackers when I'm not there! So we'll be looking for a hospital appointment for this week to sort his regime out. He's been like this ever since the doc put him on 4 injections a day. Something has to change.
We had a sleepless night as a result and in the morning I got up to go to Tyndrum and as I got dressed came across two blister, filled with blood, on both my feet. The skin was hard but I had no way of covering them and didn't want to run about 36 miles with feet like that. Back to bed and into the chemist later that day for some blister plasters. And of course on cutting back the skin, found they had been about so long that they had heeled inside and were no longer a problem! They'd probably been there since Sunday's 1/2 marathon, but I hadn't felt a thing. As good a warning as any to inspect my feet more regularly.
So plan B. I had made a decision not to run with John's group due to the travel involved, so decided to go to Inverarnan and do an out and back down the lochside. I hadn't had a good run on the very first training group run back in November and I still haven't run the stretch from Rowardennan to Inversnaid, so decided to see how I ran and play it by ear (or more exactly by legs) as to what I did. I set off a bit later than I'd planned. The clock going forward had been correctly adjusted but left me a bit tired and cuddled in again after the alarm went off. However the third (or was it the fourth snooze option) got me ejected and I finally hit the trail about 9.25. Initially a good run with snacks taken regularly enough, and the Ambrosia rice after about an hour definitely had an effect and is in the nutrition plan from here on in! I met JR and a good sized group of his ladies just north of Inversnaid and decided then to turn at the hotel and catch up for some company. As I caught them they had met up with Graham who had followed me down the loch after dropping some of the group at Rowardennan. He and I ran together for a while before hunger took over and I stopped for a bite to eat. I can't believe how quick energy gets eaten up on the trail and will have to gen up a lot more on that! Graham got away but his company had given my speed such a boost I decided to call it a day at Beinn Glas. Just over 3 and a 1/2 hours including breaks. Not too many miles but I hope to put a few in this week when my new shoes arrive. I was in road shoes as my Salomons are definitely not my favourite shoes and may now become, months after Debs warned me, "kicking about shoes". They look pretty good with jeans but are too loose around the foot for my problematic gait. Likewise my Inov 8 shoes are fine for x country or short trail runs locally, but lack cushioning for longer stuff.
SO. My good and generous wife was ordering my son and heir a new pair of trainers last night and I struck like lightening to order a pair of Mizuno Wave Harriers. Why? I love Mizuno's fit for my road shoes. I must have had about 10 pairs of various versions of the Rider, and I rarely get a good fit on Asics so the Trabuco would have required a bit of a chance, and anyway I love the YELLOW colour!


Lee Maclean said...

Aw Davie I hope your lad gets sorted out soon. Must have been pretty scary stuff.
Run sounded good though. It was a lovely day for it.
Im off to tend to my wee barra who is home from school feeling sick....mmmmm I'm not convinced.
Mrs Mac x

Subversive Runner said...

Hope the little fella is OK mate.

Davie said...

"Litle fella" BTW is 23 next week!
Doesn't get any easier though!
And when he gets aggressive it's bloody scary.