Monday, 2 March 2009

TheBrown Stuff Hits More Than The Fan

Taking my lead from the advice given to John Kynaston by his Hampden Sports Injury Clinic assessor, I decided that, since I was hirpling about the house like an older man, I would try some cross training to ease the tightness in my legs. Off to the Meadow Centre where I started with some cycling (easy setting) and after 10 minutes doing 30 second bursts with one minute recovery. Only on the bike for 20 minutes as I intended getting into the pool with time tight as my son was working in the sports hall and finished at 5. As always he was looking for a lift home and, as always was in a hurry. Got my swim shorts on and went to hand my locker key in to be told that the pool had just been closed as someone had done a number 2 in it! I was allowed in to the sauna, and after 10 minutes, showered and was ready for my taxi duties.
I must say though, the visit to the gym did wonders for my muscles and I feel ready for a run tomorrow. I will be avoiding the hills until later in the week though!