Sunday, 8 March 2009

Marshall Spectator

To Balloch for the 1/2 marathon this morning. Not a nice day for it either, with torrential hailstones on the Carman Moor on the way over. Nice to see so many runners, the race being full two weeks or so ago. hence my lack of entry, but as I am currently resting, I'm glad I saved the money. My marshaling point was on the Renton Rd, at the Clenny Dept Recycling Centre, a busy place on a Dumbarton Sunday morning. I took the camera and was fortunate enough to be able to take some photos between watching over my runners and drivers, and keeping them apart!
Following the passing of the Last Runner Steward, I gave one of the other marshalls a lift to Clydebank where his girlfriend was assisting with the goody bags. He was Stewart, who is into Mountain Marathons although not into racing so doesn't do much in the way of road running. Tried to talk him into some "Flinging" but I don't think the charms of Conic Hill were what turns him on. Anyway on ariving I was able to take a few more photos. All I can say is that I am glad I don't work with the old 35mm or my film expenses would be horrendous. Spoke to Marco afterwards who was disappointed with his 78 minutes for the distance. Two minutes slower than last year, but last year he hadn't preceded it with a 31 mile trot on the WHW! I did comment that he was moving faster last week when he passed me. He agreed, but this time I was standing still when he passed rather than trying to stay ahead of him.
Photos from the race here and here


Marco Consani said...

Hey Davie,

Thank you for the fab support yesterday. Looked cold to be out marshaling.


Davie said...

Only lack of gloves bothered me. See preparation..... see me....