Friday, 11 July 2008

Hilly club run on Thursday

Met as usual and split into two groups and eventually into three with JR taking Chris, Christine and Ali clockwise round the Lions gate By pass bridge run, Steph geraldine and I going anti clockwise although I thought it was via Dumbarton and Rob, Stevie and Elaine going with us as far as the bypass bridge but coming straight back along the cycle track. Follow that> OK then when we three got to Lions Gate and stopping for a natter with JR's group (honestly you would have thought we hadn't seen them for years never mind 35 minutes!)Steph suggested running round Braehead and Pappert. Hills! I have been told that as I train for the ultras I'll have to start running slower to learn the technique of runing all the miles but I can't sem to get the knack of doing that. Eventually I used the downhill stretch from Braehead down to the Bonhill Bridge to practice runing down hill! Hammered it back to the club before a wee cool down jog then turned back to lok for the other two. They weren't that far away! I honestly thought Steph had slipped onto the hill path at he back of Pappert to get of road as they suddenly disappeared fro my heels. I ran hard so I wouldn't get left behind only to find they had just let me go. Anyway arrangements were made for a foray onto the WHW on Saturday. Geraldine has bravely decided to run the Strathaven 50miler in August two weeks prior to runing the Moray marathon. Good luck pal! She ran the Fling after running London and did the Corryarrich last weekend, so she has the miles in. The least we can do is run her long runs with her! 8am Saturday at Vale Leisure Centre if anyone else wants to join us!

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