Saturday, 19 July 2008

Three Miles in a Porsche, 8 on a 4 x 4 trail

Just as I thought, I was an expensive escort for the Porsche, getting to drive about a mile and a half on either side of a rather tedious ferry trip. Absolutely no chance of a run, although Shetland looks like a place I could run forever on. It's a beautiful place; photos taken to remind me and as a tourist brochure to convince Mairi it's the place to go.
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I got 4 hours on the island all spent getting to the airport for the flight home. The ferry trip was a bit of a nightmare. 14 hours sharing a cabin with a stranger and with a berth above the engine room which droned all through the night. Not a lot of sleep then. Missed the "Ted Baker" Pappert Well race too! A good turn out of 18 runners including 8 guests.
First run for me was today and I made the mistake of following JR's directions to Ben Bouie. I knew where he was sending me, I could see it on G=maps but the path is impenetrable and bears little resemblance to the sat pic and Jim's description. Where I should have turned left to go to the summit waqs completely overgrown and I set off to the other side before running out of options other than get down on my knees and crawling under the trees. Eventually, having almost lost my trainers on a few occasions, I found the forest road and some good news..... they're chopping the trees down so there might be progress on some decent trails. I turned back down towards Blackthird Farm and Darleith Rd to home. About 7.8 miles (or 8 in my diary) It was actually a very enjoyable run once I found the path and a great (slow) climb to the top to start off.
is the route reference.

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