Saturday, 26 July 2008

Name Change

As the sharp eyed among you may have spotted, I've dropped the "and coaches" from the Blog title. I've stopped coaching the young athletes at West Dunbartonshire. It was mainly down to lack of time to commit to coaching 2 nights a week and to attending meetings, both committee and competition. I want to concentrate my time on the ultra training and I have less of that through work, especially considering the travelling involved. I'll miss it and don't discount returning when my running isn't taking up so much time or I win the lottery and buy my own athletics stadium and all weather track for their benefit! My JogScotland sessions work in well with the Ultra training so that's safe within the limits of work!
Talking of work, it's funny how things work out. Since my last post I've been to Girvan, and Inverness to pick cars up. Girvan on Thursday meant I got back to run with the club, although, of 6 members who turned out, one went on his own rather than run with the faster guys,(?) one was nursing an injury and two went for hills which didn't suit me as I had run the Whinney hill on Tuesday and did some hills on Wednesday. That left me and Rob and I to do a 6 miler on the cycle path along the Leven to Carberry's yard and back to the club through Renton. I started off running with Gary, but he was only doing a short run due to knee problems, so after dispensing my usual knee exercises caught up with Rob who had plugged on ahead. The pace was pretty brisk as Rob usually trains hard as, although he is training for Berlin in September, he only does three sessions a week, so runs hard on club nights and does his long run on Sunday. 6miles in about 46minutes, before slowing for a warmdown, when we met Elaine and her partner Jim so stopped for a blether!
On Friday I had to go to Inverness to pick up a rather dirty Astra, and took the opportunity to drop in on an aunt who stays there, missing my uncle who was at work. Although I hadn't seen them since my neice's wedding ten years ago I get all their news through my mother, and I got to see their holiday photos from their med cruise. They had their daughter and son-in-law and their two kids with them, so got to catch up on their activities. After only a short time to visit I had to leave promising to call in again soon. My next move was to impact on my weekend running!
Stopped in Newtonmore for diesel, paying by bank card. Drove the car to Glasgow and went to get my train home, only then realising that I had left my card in the garage card processor. I wasn't planning on running on Friday, as I don't want to step up to training 6 days a week yet and if I ran Friday and did runs at the weekend I would have run 6 days since Monday's rest day. So, knowing I was going to have to go back to Newtonmore today to pick the card up, as I need it on Monday, I had a quick look on the net and saw there was a good trail round the village.I took my trail shoes and a change of clothing. Did 5 miles in 46 minutes (recovery pace) and although the trail is good I didn't do it justice. There is a stiff climb from the village church where I parked to the start of the trail (known as the Wildcat). There-after it follows a landrover track along the hill above the village before following a burn down to the Kingussie Road, which is crossed and then descends to the river Spey and the golf course. At this point I reckoned the runing tights and long sleeved tech I was wearing were a bit to much for the 25 degree heat, (despite the heavy cloud cover). I was drinking water like a fish and felt very flat. I called it a day and took the path back to Newtonmore, got changed and had a cup of tea and bacon roll. On the drive back down, I realised my hamstrings were aching and that they had been prior to starting the run. Driving three hours there and back as well as all the driving I do at work is not good preparation for any run! I am usually quite careful with my car seat position as I think it's responsible for an awful lot of injuries. But nothing I do stops the leg going numb when on long trips. I've thought of taking my training gear with me on long trips so I can get some in during my break, but given the way my legs feel when driving I wonder if it is a good idea. I certainly remember Barry Ferguson having a long term hamstring problem which was fixed by his physio changing his car seat position. Got home in time to see the end of Barcelona and Dundee Utd. Or men v boys.

Mairi had taken our sister in law and nephews to Loudon Castle for the day but had suggested we go out tonight. However, she phoned a wee while ago asking if she should bring in something for tea, so I think she is on plan B. Feel like a curry but that's not a good idea if I'm going for a long run tomorrow so I'll end this and think about what to have......

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