Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Work Interfering.........

I work as a driver picking up end of lease and termination vehicles and delivering them to auctions or alternatively, but rarely, delivering new cars to customers. This week I was in Stranraer picking up a car and after doing another shorter trip in the afternoon managed to get a quick 6-7 miles in. Then to bed as in the morning I took the 6.15 to Edinburgh then drove to Goole where my company is based to drop a car that was going further south, and I was supposed to bring up another car to an auction up here. However, on arrival, I was told to deliver a new Merc C class estate (tourer?)to Ayr. Got home at 11pm and went straight to bed. Off today and Mairi asked me to do a wee job for her, and then I went to JJB to see what their closing down sale would do for me. £60 lighter (shorts, tech tee and holdall), I came home to get ready for Jog Scotland. Tomorrow night is our club Pappert Well hill race, about 6 miles on the hill behind Bonhill. I was looking forward to it (honest!) but I've got to go to Aberdeen to pick up ..... wait for it..... a Porsche 911 to take to............... wait again .......... Shetland. That's an overnight ferry and I fly back at lunchtime on Friday. What a terrible job I have - but somebody has to do it! Anyway, mileage is suffering so I'll need to watch I don't try to do too much at the weekend. I'll take my gear and if I get a chance I'll try and get a quick one in whilst waiting on the ferry, plane or whatever. No sign of exercise equipment on the ferry, so that rules a treadmill out!

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