Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sunday Coming Down (hills)

Milburn message board showed JR heading out for a 2 hr run this morning at 8 so I decided to join him and his entourage for a slow run. We quickly split into two groups after about half a mile with Jim, Christine and Elaine falling behind Linda, Marion and I. When we left the leisure centre the idea was to do the Horseshoe which, after the first two miles is a hilly and twisty run in the farmland between the Vale of Leven and Gartocharn. It is the course for the club's Horseshoe race in October and I've only managed the race once running about 81 minutes if my memory serves me right. Today however was aimed at running it as slowly as I could and, as the girls would normally be a lot slower, (Linda reckons she is a 2hrs 20 half marathon - I think she does herself an injustice) it was my aim to stay with them. That plan worked for the first half of the run, but at that point I started to get some warning signals. I don't normally have gastro-intestinal problems, but I rather over slept and was unable to have my normal preparations, if you catch my drift. At about 6 miles it was evident I had a pressing need and ran on to try and get back to the town. Suffice to say I learnt another WHW lesson! I took 1hr 50 for the run so I succeeded in that respect too. However as I had to run back hard,(mainly downhill) my quads took a bit of a hammering. Again, they will benefit from the experience as long as they properly get rested. Link for this run at

Three cars to move tomorrow but all pretty local, Glasgow and Renfrew,so I might get a run tomorrow night. I will be going to Goole, or so I have been advised, sometime this week as I have a company phone to pick up. Hope it's got a decent network coverage as my 3mobile's is crap.

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