Sunday, 27 July 2008

Short Run Sunday

A long lie this morning, missing JR's Sunday session, as I am pretty knackered with all the driving. Especially being on the A9 which was a nightmare both days, and that fatal accident (4 dead including a 2 yr old) really brings home just how bad a road it is. I was on it last month too the day after 2 died at Pitlochry and the signs appealing for witnesses are still out.
Spent the afternoon watching the final stage of the Tour de France and getting my paperwork done to take with me to Goole tomorrow. I've got a Beemer to pick up and drive down there tomorrow, although I don't know what I'm driving back up.
I finally got out for a run at 7.10pm and scooted into Dumbarton, just over 3 miles to Renton Rd, then after a quick chat to a couple of pals who were waiting at the lights, ran straight back. Taking the flat first mile to warm up, my outward run was 8.55 8.21(long steady climb for about 1/2 to 3/4 of the mile) 8.16 and a wee bit extra to take 26.19 for the run out. Reversing the run the miles went 8.05 7.30 and 7.41 with the return taking 24.08. Felt good but it's still very warm and I don't really do heat when I'm running.

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