Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tuesday club run

Following Saturday's race I woke on Sunday very sore, and was delighted (not) when my sister-in-law, whose gym has closed for renovations, phoned and asked my advice about what to do if she went out running. She is a former member of JogScotland and as I am always extolling the virtues of running, found myself an hour later putting in a couple of miles with her. My reward of a cup of tea and a roast beef sarnie made it worthwhile. Back home in time to watch, Villa - West Brom Man U - Chelsea a bit of the Celtic Kilmarnock game and the entire days coverage of the Ryder Cup!!!
Couch potato or what? Net result was I fell out with my better half, got about 5 hours sleep before a 5.30 alarm and off to Edinburgh to pick up a Citroen to take to Goole. Unfortunately, some poor sod decided to end it all at Bellgrove and the train system went to pot. When I got back home at 9.30 pm after bringing a nippy wee Merc SLK to Glasgow, it was just to get some sleep before another 5.30 call and off to Invergordon.
I drove the scenic route home, the slightly shorter A82, but far nicer than the A9. Some low cloud on the tops but generally our countryside was as beautiful as ever. As I went through Glencoe I p[assed a guy running on the road, a bit iffy given the standard of driving today! I thought a couple of cars in a layby just in front of him looked to be providing support, so maybe he was on a JOG-LE and had to run on the road rather than the footpath. Still a bit dangerous.
The biggest trouble with Glencoe is that the radio signal more or less disappears and today it did so right at the moment Tom Morton was playing the sensational Alex Harvey band's Boston Tea Party. Thank God for the listen again button on the BBC website!

Total of 660 miles driving in two days and I'm off to Warrington in the morning to deliver the Peugot 107 I brought down from up north today. Can I put my driving miles in my training diary? I certainly feel as tired as I do when I've been running!

I was home just on 5pm, with just enough time to download tomorrows work, check routes and timetables, then get the gear on to head for a club run. To Arden Roundabout and back, scenic if a bit too out and backish, and boy was I bushed, felt really faint and no energy. Stress levels greatly reduced with easy run of 8 miles, only to be raised again when after my shower found my bag was towel-less! Micro fleeces do not make good substitutes.


Brian Mc said...

Sounds like you win the prize for ultra driving Davie!

Davie said...

Went through the 1000 miles today, since Monday!!!
Takes ultra runners months to do what I can do in 3 days.