Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Club run and a new jacket

Completely ignoring the plug by Mike Mason for The North Face Diad, I bought myself a Montane Quickfire jacket from Footprints in Woodlands Road. New to me but will be back.
Tookit for a club run and it seems to do exactly what it says on the tin. Whilst always going to be wet inside as I sweat walking past a kebab shop, it was definitely breathing well as I remained at a lovely cool temperature throughout, probably because I didn't overload underneath wearing only a climalite t shirt. Nice easy 6 mile run with Pat Elaine and Garry, along the river dodging the flooding, through Baloch Park and back via Bonhill. Elaine had run 3.48 for Moray marathon during my hols so she was taking it easy (I hope) and thoroughly enjoyed her first marathon. It's hardly comparable, marathon's seldom are, but it's the first time for a long time that I've had a faster time for a distance than Elaine. (My 3.45 for London being a wee bit faster but that's only bragging rights I have over her as she is normally well ahead of me. I've no doubt Moray will be harder, as anytime I'm up there working I find it hard to find anywhere as flat as the FLM course.)
Running the Two Ferries on Saturday at FW and can't bottle this one as I'm the nominated driver, or so I was told tonight by Mrs MacReadie. We're meeting at 10am at the leisure centre so I'll at least get a long lie!
Ran this race last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the club stayed over on the Saturday night and we had a party in some poor soul's house till 3am. I think I'm fitter nthis year but whether the holiday layoff will affect my run we'll just have to see. One thing is for sure, the weather conditions promise to be exactly the same if not worse!!!


Steph said...

Good luck for Saturday, been suffering from the dreaded lurgy....manflu....might be down on Thursday but maybe not as I've promised (myself) not to run until clear and avoid the train yourself sick syndrome!!!

Davie said...

Get well soon!

Man Flu?
Is this a new disease or a female invention?

Don't breath on me for a while anyway!!!

Brian Mc said...

Good luck with the race, and good choice of jacket - I've never bought a bad piece of Montane kit and swear by their sonic shorts, quickfire jacket and marathon jacket (a windproof).

John Kynaston said...

Hi Davie

I,too, ran the 2 ferries race last year. I had thought about doing this year but my foot is still sore so I'm going to be wise and rest it and give myself a chance for Loch Ness.

Anyway enjoy the race and I look forward to reading about it.

John Kynaston

John Kynaston said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog about my foot. When do you think it will be best to try running on it again? I've been waiting until all the pain has gone. What do you think? I don't want to run too soon and set it back again.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the offer to join your group, I may take you up on that some time. Where do you usually meet? I have just posted - postively - about my 18 miler today - because I had my pal with me!!! She is not doing an autumn marathon due to injury and not been doing much distance hence my solo runs so it just made all the difference having her back today after doing the first 5 miles myself. I absolutely agree about having people with you on long runs, we had trained consistently for 2 years together for the same marathons so her not being with me has been a big part of my struggle in prep for Chicago!