Saturday, 13 September 2008

Hoilday 2008 is Over!

Back in cold wet Cardross after two weeks of glorious sunshine. Not the best holiday I've had but that's probably due to age and changing tastes. However, Andrew swears it was his best hol yet, but that's a 22 year-old on a freebie for you! Although I started with good intentions and managed a few runs in thge first few days, heat and laziness took over and I only ran once last week, so the fact that I have niggle in my foot and calf are probably down to walking at Mairi's pace, i.e. very slow. Good food has made my trousers a wee bit tighter than before I left, but nothing like as bad as a few years ago when I went to Mauritius and returned a full stone heavier. No chocolate for the entire fortnight, other than on puddings and in the form of ice cream, probably helped keep the weight gain down.
I posted an invitation to run this morning on the club web site and was disappointed no-one else was up for it. So I just went home! I wasn't up for it and the idea of running without company didn't do it for me. I had a dog to collect from his holidays at my in-laws so I decided to wait till later before running if I was up for it, but so far I'm not! I'm entered at Stirling but don't think it is a good idea to race after two weeks of nothing, so I'll go with JR to Glen Loin near Arrochar for a bit of trail running, and as I've no work for Monday I will do another session AM and maybe try and get something else done later in the day. I don't have any other holidays until after the Fling in April which will give me a rest before the WHW race in June. Until then it's hard work throughout the winter.


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

You've already had next year's holiday?? That's fast work. I just got back yesterday. Got the post-holidays blues. And don't get me started on how tight my clothes feel :-)

Davie said...

Well spotted. you must be the only one that reads this!
Only put on three pounds, but just feel so bad. Calf,achilles and toe hurting so I'm sitting here with a hot water bottle to ease the stiffness that sems down to wearing crap footwear on hols....... as you do.
Hope to get back running tomorrow... watch this space.