Saturday, 20 September 2008

Two Ferries Road Race

To Ardgour foe this race 10.8 miles along the shore road from Trislaig to Argour. Having run this race last year and as it's very much a Millie's day oot (thirteen members running), I was keen to see if, and hopefully, how much, better I could run. As last year's race was run in horrendous rain and with a strong wind in your face as you finished the last three miles or so, I thought it would be better this year. Still wet and windy but not quite as bad as last year and their was little actual rain by the time we started. I started my watch, but unfortunately when I checked it at mile one it had stopped at 2 seconds! World record in the bag. I started it again to see how the splits went and the second mile with a small hill was 7.48 and the next 7.24, the next time I checked was for the total time for the six miles to the 7 mile marker which was 46.16, not bad for me with a nasty hill from miles 5 to 6. Last year that hill killed me as I was trying to race some clubmates, so I took it a bit easier this year hoping to preserve energy for the second half of the race. Didn't work and by 8 miles the legs were showing signs of a lack of mileage the past few weeks. Not that I wasn't expecting that, so all I could do was keep going best I could, and hope for a decent time. When I finished, in 1.23.04, I was 3.31 faster than last year and fourth male vet 50.
Obviously the slightly better weather conditions were a factor and the decision to take the hills easier allowed me to pick up a fair bit of time, but I think fitness is a factor and my confidence has been given a wee boost.
Some fun and games from Millie members will no doubt be the subject of club banter. Not for me to reveal here, but as a wee taster I'll ask - What male member had a run good enough to qualify for third in the FEMALE over 50 category?
We also took home two of the prizes Geraldine taking third female vet 35 and Pat Burns third male vet 50. Two Milburn debutants also picked up a couple of bottles of wine for their efforts.
Karen and Sandra are two recruits from JogScotland who were attempting their longest race so far encouraged by Jim Robertson. Although finishing in their own good time, hey seem to have enjoyed the experience. The sight of Jim on the finishing line did inspire a sprint finish - to be the first to strangle him.
The bold Jim, by the way was a DNS as, after yesterdays WHW brewery trip where not a drop passed his lips, he spent the night at Chez Drummond and after a dozen drams, bed at 3am and a traffic delay when a car crashed at Strathyre he arrived too late to do anything but eat most of my Jelly Babies.

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