Saturday, 2 August 2008


Struggling for time and energy these days. The heat and working hours played havoc with my training this week. On Monday I was in Goole with a car and got home at 8pm. Only to go to Fort William at 7.30 the following morning, to drive a really smelly (tobacco and kids) Focus C Max to Aberdeen. Unfortunately the company that owns the car has a contract to deliver their cars to an Aberdeen auction at the termination of the lease, although the same company sends their south of Scotland cars to a Central Scotland auction. So I then had to get the train back from Aberdeen geting home at 10pm. So no training those two days. I was off on Wednesday and went for a run at 5.30pm with Jim Robertson's jog scotland group,before taking my own group out for 5 miles, 7 very slow miles with two quicker miles at 3 and 4 for 9 in total,. I had two local calls on Thursday so got to the club for 6 1/2 miles steady round the Polaroid 10k route with Jimmy McKenzie. I then had to go to Dundee and Aberdeen on Friday and got back shattered. I've got a nice A3 estate parked outside to take to Goole on Monday.
I'm taking today off intending to run the Helensburgh half marathon as a training run tomorrow. I've already entered a couple of autumn races the Stirling 10k (two days after I return home from holiday in Tenerife) and the Aviemore half marathon in October. I also intend sending off entries to the Lochaber Two Ferries (Sept) and their half marathon in November.

The biggest problem I have is going to be fitting training in with the travelling. I really don't have much time to stop when I'm away and sometimes I haven't the energy to drag myself out when I get home, especially when I've got to get up for an early train in the morning.
One thing I'll have to do is avoid taking scheduled rest days and taking forced rests whenever work interferes. The problem with that is I might train on days when I really need to rest.And vice versa! I suppose I'll just have to listen to my body telling me what it needs!

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