Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Club Night a Visit to the Golf Club

Two good groups at the club with Jim Robertson leading his group and Steph, Geraldine, Big Ed and I heading off for a long run, accompanied by Rob for the first couple of miles whilst on his marathon prog.
My choice of run, so decided to do the run that Geraldine and I had done a couple of weeks ago but without going into Rossdhu and looping through the Carrick Golf club a couple of times. the first time that Steph and Ed had been on this run and they gave it a pass mark. Basically a road run with forestry type trails through the golf course. A steady if easy run of about 11 and a 1/2 miles in 1hr 42, looping back a couple of times to re group with a strong finishing couple of miles.
Last year during preparation for the London Marathon and/0r Highland Fling we did long runs of up to 14 miles at night and some of this was done on roads with no lighting. I suggested that we shouldn't be running tonight's run in the dark. I should shut up! Steph suggests that we should do it using head torches!!! Something about running the WHW race at night.
Car lights on when coming home from training, the lights are fair drawing in.


Brian Mc said...

I wouldn't go overboard with training to run in the dark, in fact I wouldn't bother. Running in the dark isn't difficult and doesn't last long during the WHWR but I figure there's a risk of injury during training which I'd rather avoid.

But if you do, then enjoy!

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I have to agree with Brian. But I appreciate there's not many places to do a long run that don't require headtorches. I did my tempo runs round Dumbarton in the winter. The back road over to Renton certainly put a spring in my step. Headtorches help, but then on coming vehicles put on their full beam to see what's coming...and blind you for the next few minutes.

I might see you and gang out tonight.

Davie said...

Agreed Debs, no mater where you go in this corner of the world, you end up meeting yourself coming back. We were doing runs round Balloch, Haldane, Braehead, etc and were getting to the stage of a second lap if we were going to go much further, so we ended up running out the Renton Rd. It's bad enough in the daylight, but in the dark it's daft. Bumped into a bollard one night so dirty it was invivible. We got a 14 in one Tuesday running through the Polaroid Estate, out to Dumbuck, Glasgow Rd and back up to Bellsmye before running back to the Vale. That only had a short section of unlit road and that bit will change when they get the retail park up and running at Strathleven.
I wasn't really advocating training for the dark, more suggesting to Steph we should be more circumspect this winter, but as usual it went in one ear and out his deaf one!

Davie said...

Excuse the typos above!

Steph said...

What I really said was....the WHW start at midsummer means it won't be very dark anyway, the next night you'll be walking, the problem is the third night!!!

Personal preference is no torch & your eyes adjust, (try looking about 10 degrees off).

If you are worried about it have a practice run with your eyes closed & you'll soon learn to lift your feet :)

Davie said...

The problem, as I see it, is that if one person has a headtorch on a run, then everybody needs one as any night vision is b*****d.