Saturday, 17 May 2008

Back in civilisation

After a break as mentioned I got back home on Wednesday in time to sit down and watch the Gers come unstuck in Manchester. Must say the armada on the M6 was impressive until, that is, the hordes were seen urinating at various sections of the hard shoulder. You can take the boy out of Glasgow............
Back to the club on Thursday after a day driving back and forth to Shotts Auction. Milburn club run instead of coaching as I wasn't home till about 10 to 6, too late for WDAC and just in time to get to the Vale for an easy run round Balloch Park. Some Millies still suffering from the Fling, others from the previous weeks races, and one making a return to training after active fatherhood duties.
Household duties on Friday as we had fallen behind, being away and leaving a 22yr old in house alone not the best recipe for a Good Housekeeping award, not that we are in the running.....
An LAP meeting at Clydebank at 5 followed by a WDAC family night in the Renton Bowling Club. Great night organised by the West Dunbartonshire club's social committee. Some real stars in the making, if not as athletes then in showbiz.

Saturday morning run along the Dumbarton Rd, Renton Rd and then back to the village via Kipperoch. Just over an hour but delayed with numerous gates, farmer's dogs and cowfields due to farmyard closures. Felt good, but little pase in run.
Tomorrow being Ladies 10k day I will try to get out of my scratcher to go on the JogScotland bus from Dumbarton. Take my camera and never know what you'll see......
Will run later unless

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