Saturday, 3 May 2008

Up Up and back down.

Despite staying a couple of hundred yards from the Cardross side of the Carman Road I generally run past on my way to Dumbarton. However yesterday I felt like something different, so took off up the hill. Had me Garmin on so now know it's exactly 2 miles to the quarry road at the top and made it there in just under 20 minutes. It's pretty steep and nearly all climb. I had considered going on up to the trig point, but give me time, give me time. I ran along the farm road and down the hill, back onto the Carman Rd at the Asker farm entrance then through St Peters College, the golf course and Barrs Road before finishing back at the house. Just a shade under 50 minutes, for a 6 mile run that was at no time uncomfortable or tiring, even the uphills. I must be recovering better than I thought, so why do I think my legs are gubbed?
However all this running and traveling in springtime means that my grass is knee-high so this morning was spent with mower and strimmer. Mairi went off to get her hair done........ oops I haven't told her how nice she looks!
I settled down to watch the lunchtime footie. Man U I thought, but Andrew wanted to watch the Cellick. Hoping they got gubbed. 0-0 at halftime so turned back to Old Trafford to find I'd missed 4 goals. Back to Celtic and missed both Celtic goals whilst making coffee. Good job I'm not a football fan, eh?

Got my first driving jobs for Tuesday...... A BMW and a Jag to be moved. Sadly only a short distance, and I should be home in time for the club run on Tuesday night. It will be a short, easy one as I'm going to Troon for the Tortoises 10k on Wednesday. Very apt.

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