Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Short and not very sharp

A couple of small runs this week as I'm going to Troon 10k today. On Monday I decided on an evening run from home but when I stepped out there was a huge traffic jam and the air was foul. Now in Cardross you have the choice of staying on the main road which is usually fine for a reasonably short run although there are hills about a mile away in each direction, a run mainly off road by the shore which has limits of distance due to railway and tides, or going north which involves mainly lengthy uphills. As I didn't want to run in the carbon monoxide laden road to Dumbarton and didn't want to go up many hills I took off towards Helensburgh only to find the traffic was still jammed up to the end of the village. Bank Holiday sunseekers avoiding A82 accidents!!
Quick rethink and headed down onto the shore only to find the farmer had ploughed and seeded over paths I usually use. Still, it's his land. So it ended up short and sweet although fairly fast.
Tuesday's club run was an easy 5 miler although some took it even easier. I ran with Rob and although we felt we were going as slow as we wanted the others seemed to be quite content to stroll along in our wake. Mind you, for some the Highland fling is still in their legs so they are excused. The others.....

That reminds me that I still have to finish the blog of the Fling. Still a work in progress.

Started work proper yesterday and shifted two cars within Glasgow. Off Wednesday as I have a race and I have been warned that I shouldn't plan to be able to get home for anything when I'm working and to make myself available for work to suit. The down side is that I don't ever know if I'll make club nights for coaching or jogging groups. I'll do my best though.
In addition I received news of a bereavement. Sheila died after a long fight against cancer. I'm really glad Mairi and I got down to Kent to see her when we were in London for the marathon. Don't know when the funeral is yet but I don't think it will be too soon as things seem to take their own time in Englandshire. Phoned in availability for four days next week but it may alter for the funeral.

Now I'm off for a coffee before some stretching!!!

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