Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Troon Tortoises 10k

Well I can always say I ran in the race that saw the debut of the Scottish Eritreans although like most of us natives all we saw were their heels.
This was going to be a toughie, as it was my first race since the marathon. Held out little hope of a fast one and so it was. A chip time of 46.05 was my reward. It felt great though. I really felt fast and as far as I was concerned it was a bloody good run. Pity that my legs weren't turning fast enough for it to be reflected in a decent time (nearly 4 mins slower than my Pb of two years ago).
I must compliment the Tortoises on a well organised race. 958 finishers, all chip timed, 2 fun runs for the kids, results online by 11pm (or earlier perhaps), no crappy medal, but a decent quality t-shirt. And I got a great pre-race massage although it was too deep for a pre - event but it certainly took the stiffness out of my legs.... and it was free! (the massage that is the race cost£8)
Met two of my old club-mates from Irvine YMCA Harriers, Andy Rennie and John Surgenor. Surge was a year above me in school and Andy was the physics teacher. So how come Andy runs 39 miutes and John 41 minutes? Maybe the answer lies in about 2 stone of excess weight that really is going to have to come off if I'm going to get any better. Weigh-in tomorrow...... watch this space......

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Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Hi Davie,
That's a fantastic time. Especially considering how hot it was. I went for a four mile plod round Balloch and was knackered.