Friday, 2 May 2008

Work beckons

Training this week has consisted of a four mile out and back run to Dumbarton(Monday) , a run round Cameron House from the Alexandria CEC (Tuesday) and a jogscotland session that was pretty slow on Wednesday night. I booked a massage with Linda for this afternoon but she had to cancel. My calfs and hammies are still tight and no matter what I do I can't get the stiffness out of them. I've entered the Troon 10k next Wednesday so it could well be a training run if I can't get something done with these ancient limbs.
I've also started a new job and spent all day Thursday down in East Yorkshire at the company HQ for an induction. Learnt little I hadn't already learned from my mentor, a nice old guy who used to sprint with Garscube back in Ming Campbell's day. Andrew Salmond is his name, any-one out there remember him? The job entails driving cars from customers to various delivery points and can see me anywhere in Scotland at a days notice. Hours could be long and will no doubt affect training. But I've got to eat and the better half has been at me for ages to get back to work. She's booked holidays for the next two weeks and is delighted that I'm not going to be home!!!!

Half the country in celebration mode after a magnificent victory last night in Florence. The other half of the country is too busy saying the Gers have a long way to go to beat the Lisbon Lions/Seville Stonkers/anyone else who ever won anything.

Son and heir wants to start making plans to go to Manchester. He has an exam on 14th May but says if I drive, we can still make it down. Ticket? What ticket!

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