Saturday, 17 May 2008

Dumbarton Area Local Athletics Partnership

As I am a member of the above group I have been trying to promote the needs of endurance runners, of all standards, in the LAP area which stretches from Helensburgh to Clydebank. My idea is for a mass training session in Balloch Park or maybe Levengrove, Dumbarton, for runners of all and every level. Sessions would be set by coaches and jog leaders depending on the standard of athlete, and the various local clubs, jogging groups and other running organisations would be asked to have representatives there to publicise their memberships and most importantly, that they are open to all and not elitist. This would create an opportunity for the casual runner to come along and meet like-minded people, get advice and experience something different in the way of training sessions.
And for the clubs and jogging groups to recruit!

Date has been set for the 9th of August as that seems to be a relatively free weekend for races in this area.

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