Sunday, 11 May 2008


After taking a rest on Thursday other than a bit of bodyweight exercises at Posties prior to coaching the kids, I ran six miles on Friday and 5 this morning. Both runs around the Cardross area. Fridays was along the shore, round Drumhead and through the golf course to Carman Rd finishing in about 51 minutes. Pretty steady running IMHO. Sunday was supposed to have been a longer run and I set out towards Helensburgh, before realising I wasn't up for that and turned up the Red Road towards Stonymollan. Running slowly, I soon realised that I was going to be sharing the route with half a dozen horses and riders. Now I don't know what your experience is with this combination but I have always had a bit of trouble with those that go on top. I realise horses are flighty beasts and always slow down when passing them. That isn't good enough for some of those spoilt little brats that ride them though. How dare a runner use a public road when there are horses around. On this occasion it was pretty civilised but it spoilt my concentration. And I got bored with my run and decided to finish the loop and go and watch the Celtic losing to Hibs. A bad day for me. Bad run and then the Celts win. Oh joy. Then Eck goes and gets relegated from the premiership.

Off to Englandshire tomorrow for Mairi's cousin's funeral in Kent. Won't be back until Wednesday late on, so it looks like enforced rest for three days. BBFN

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