Sunday, 28 June 2009

Greetings from the other BBQ

I was gutted when Milburn, my club, decided to have a BBQ on the same night as the Beattie's "Official" post WHWR do, but as secretary had to do the decent thing and support my own club, not that for a second this is difficult, as Millies are definitely on the more sociable side of party animals.
Pat Burns who has several race finishes was the chef and I as usual was official photographer. Head barperson was whoever Jim Robertson nominated when his glass was empty. A sad lack of musical choice led me back to the car where I introduced the membership to the two Jackie Albums left in my CD rack by my wife last weekend. These are collections of oldies from when the Jackie magazine was required reading for all teenage girls - and their brothers! It even comes with Posters of Donny Osmond and David Cassidy (a young Davie Hall lookalike!) that had the "ladies who run" swooning in appreciation.
Food, drink, music, Strathclyde Police helicopter overhead, balloons released from somewhere nearby, and dry weather made for an enjoyable evening.
Then Jim Robertson stood up to give a small congratulatory speech and club mementos of engraved medals to the four club members who were finishers in the West Highland Way Race; Geraldine, Jimmy Brian and I and, on behalf of the Highland Fling Race, the final finishers walking stick to Christine and Geraldine.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening, that is already on next years agenda. I've asked already to avoid the clash of dates. A guy only gets out a few times a year after all.
In the meantime my feet are still burning and my darling wife has shorn all the dead skin from my soles, the last duty of a fine support crew.
Next year? Not discounted but I have to find a new driver as it really was too much for Mairi. In the meantime Andrew, my son and heir, has purloined my Camelbak and on Friday went on a 12 mile trail run! maybe I'll be supporting him. Will that still get me to the Beattie's BBQ?


Subversive Runner said...

Corned beef told me that the race gets under your skin- that was back in 2006. I've been back every year since. Not everyone does come back but I reckon it might get under your skin long as it wasn't located beneath the dead stuff on your soles!!

Davie said...

It's ok, Dave. I've kept it as a souvenir!