Friday, 5 June 2009

Photos from Polaroid Eyewear Dumbarton 10k

Link to photos taken at the above race. I was a rather late arrival after visiting West Dunbartonshire A.C. for the first time in ages. I drove out to Milton and took most of the pics before driving to the finish to see some of the club runners, joggers from JogScotland and other old friends. Morven had her first 10k being old enough by one day to run her first race of this distance. Congratulations on a 52min 20 sec debut!

Two runs to report, club on Tuesday was an easy off road following the Leven to Dumbarton before crossing the bridge and running back along the east bank to Bonhill and back via the Renton footbridge.
On Wednesday ny Jog Scotland group failed to show as they were all running at Dumbarton on Thursday. So I took my other 15 year old aspiring 10k runner, Laura, for an easy run round the Vale 10k course(+ a bit extra) which she "jogged" in 54.30 so I think I can look forward to good runs from both at the Vale 10k.
Both girls were keen to run these races so I don't see any harm in letting them try before pointing them in the direction of some shorter races to see if I can get them interested in more racing, perhaps in there own age group.


Lee Maclean said...

Crackin' photie mate.
The smile on the wee lad's face is a picture in its self.

Good job!

Mrs Mac

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Great new picture Davie.

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