Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Last Box Ticked

Like many I'm now over the training and the waiting begins. Last night I went with JR's group for an easy 4 miles through Renton and back along the cycle track by the Leven. Received my usual ticking off from him for going too fast but there's only so much slow running to be done and I couldn't have gone slower had I been pulling a bus with my teeth.
Tonight was JogScotland and I took my group for much the same run as they were recovering from their 10k efforts on Sunday, and they don't do hard running twice in a week! To be fair, some had ran 5 10ks in 5 weeks all in pretty reasonable time. Tonight I told them to take it easy - and they ran as fast as they have been for weeks! Go figure! As we came along the riverside I told them to go further along the river than they thought they would be going. I was letting them avoid the hill at the Vale Academy, so some were happy! I did say that if I got any cheek I would take them up the other side of the hill. And guess what? Someone said she liked hills and was in the huff. So we ran the hill. All apart from the two at the front who weren't cheeky. Claire got to the front and actually tried to kick finish. A challenge? So I chased her and caught her and got back to the centre puffing and blowing, relatively speaking. And guess who was waiting? You are running too fast Robertson. Caught again.
So that's it. a bit of logistical work re food, drinks and organisation, but I'm ready. All doubt out of my mind and no matter what I'll be running a long Way on Saturday (and Sunday!). I'm in the local paper in Dumbarton and Irvine re my fundraising so that puts me under enough pressure to set my mind on finishing. And there is a new class of runner having their own battle. You may hear them before you see them. They are the heavyweight runners of the West Highland Way. 14st or maybe 15st of finely tuned athlete running for the privilege of the first earthquake to finish and maybe get the slimmer of the race award as a bonus. Count me in!


Subversive Runner said...

You're in good company mate. Marty Hoooper is between 14-15 stone and he whupped my sorry arse on the South Downs a few weeks back. See ya on the start line, big boy!!

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

See you later, Davie.

I'll give you some sponsorship tonight and I've got got sponsorship money from Sara for you.

Hope you're happily stuffing your face right now.