Wednesday, 24 June 2009

WHWR 2009 Photos

Posted photos here
Sorry that most are of me. My crew were a bit blinkered!


Subversive Runner said...

Nice pics, mate! Excellent ones of yourself and the little fella. Have you decided about next year yet? While I was running it was definitely no but now the pain is receding I've decided yes, I'll enter and hope for a place. What about you, Mr Hamish McBeth???

Davie said...

I'm not allowed!

runforit said...


Yes I can feel your pain as I read your blog! We had the same issues. How is your knee now? Mine is coing around but still stiff. Good work for finishing the task! I hope to be back next year it was a great event and now that I know the rough surface underfoot perhaps I could have a better plan for my feet! Enjoying a couple of days in London before going back to Canada.