Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A New Title For My Blog

A quote taken from Tomo Thomson's blog inspired a name change for my blog. I just realised that it had happened to me during the crossing of the Lairig Mor. What a feeling. I remember thinking that those who climbed mountains every year to see sunrise on the summer solstice would be disappointed due to heavy cloud, but realising it was pretty special to be doing what I was doing, no matter how much it hurt. Many of my non-running friends had told me I was mad to be doing the WHW Race. Now I look forward to telling them I was one of the privileged few who had been lapped by the sun.

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Thomas said...

Davie, firstly it seems your memories from the race a more positive now than they were just after the race. :-)

But there is a bit more to this. I think (and I have said this before) the Lairig Mor(e) is a wonderful place. It was my first ultra run ever (tyndrum to fort william) and when I ran through the Mor the sun came out and I stopped and the time stood still.