Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Runner In the Vale of Leven

Geraldine ran the Vale of Leven 5k on Sunday but omitted to say so and we missed her. Or so I thought. Guess who got a piccy? That's her there: number 3014 for those yet to have the pleasure of meeting her. She's the WHW race controller and was the marshall at Beinn Glas during the Fling. One things for sure, she looks better than I did when we first met!

By chance she was just behind two local "Ladies Who Run" at Alexandria JogScotland although not with my group who were all in the 10k. Despite warm conditions on a hard course that is generally difficult even for experienced runners, they did just fine and will get their reward this Wednesday with a very easy short run disguised as a jogging session but will in effect be my last run before the race on Saturday. A special word for my two young proteges. Laura running her first 10k ran 49.33 and Morven 55.15. Both aged 15. Morven ran with Jade, an athlete whom I used to coach at West Dunbartnshire and whose mum runs with me on Wednesday.
WHW family and prospective family at the race were in the main in a watching role. Me doing paparazzi duties for the club and JR and Marco marshalling. Spectating were Jimmy Mc and Brian whose the father of aforesaid Morven. But there were a few runners, Pat Burns and Debbie amongst them.

On Monday I drove to Irvine with race info for my brother in law who is travelling to spectate with my family, and in particular my nephew Ally who has volunteered to be one of my support runners. My son Andy will also be running with me on alternate sections from whenever I need their assistance. In the meantime..... eat, sleep and worry!


Subversive Runner said...

Don't worry mate, it's too late to change anything now. Just try to enjoy it. At the very least it's a good giggle meeting up with everyone in the car park before the race...if you break your leg in Mugdock Park at least you would have had a couple of hours of fun. Unless you're Mark Hamilton in which case you'll keep going regardless.

Davie said...

Thank the Lord! I'm not Mark Hamilton!!!

Mark said...

Easy now. Some people could quite easily get tripped up in the darkness.

Made out of sturdy stuff on the Scottish Riviera oh Subversive One.

Yep, made out of sturdy stuff and lacking in brains.