Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Taper runs

Even the taper has gone wrong! On Saturday night I had a collision with the footpath on the A814 near the crematorium caused by tripping over a wire hoop from a hubcap. No great damage other than a few cuts and scrapes and a rather uncomfortable Rhomboid muscle strain. Breathing was sore and so I didn't get a run again until tonight's club run, a very slow 7ish miles on the banks of the Leven....again. So slow that past chairman Chris was able to lead us home, or at least until he tried to kick at the end. Weren't having that, not since he won last years 10 mile handicap. We have long memories.
We had plenty of time and energy for a blether on the way round, discussing tapers, niggles, cars and holidays. My contribution was a suggestion for a great adventure holiday that my niece's husband told me about today. Apparently Air France are doing trips to the Titanic. (Sorry)
With 5 Milburn members running the WHW race and others doing support, most of us are a bit stir crazy at the moment. Mind you, Geraldine was at Aviemore at the weekend and managed a first prize in a race up there.
I noticed John was working out times, splits, Garmin screens etc for his run and no doubt others will be busy doing the same. As a race virgin my only ambition is to finish, and I'm seriously thinking about running without a watch! The only drawback would be that I would have no way of knowing if I was running too fast! My Fling split to Drymen was far too fast, but felt absolutely fine to me! Mind you I didn't think that at Beinn Glas.
I worry about having done too little training, but felt the same last year when running London and was happy with my run there. So. Come on clock.... tick tock a bit faster please.


WHW Runner said...

Davie, you can consider yourself lucky. When I tripped over the wire from a hubcap in 2002, I fractured and dislocated my shoulder, and wasn't able to run for 6 weeks. I also lost the use of my right hand for about 3 months which made things difficult. Hope you are fully recovered - see you at Milngavie on the 19th / 20th Ian

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Is eating cakes at Ardardan part of your taper?

Take care and see you next week. Unless you're out at the VoL 10K on Sunday?

Davie said...

That wasn't a cake. It was a scone. Even JK eats them! And it had fruit; orange and cherry. A very valuable source of carbohydrate.
A pity Mr Monty was on holiday or I would have been leaving with four hens. Protein from eggs and from the layer when her time is done.
An interesting concept, eating the female of the species when her breeding time is done!
I'll either be marshalling or taking photies at the 10k. Are you running? Get the wee wans glad rags on for a piccy.