Sunday, 28 December 2008

Back In The Groove?

Let's hope so. Following a lazy week where nothing could persuade me to tie on my trainers, far less trail shoes, I finally got back out this afternoon for 7.5 miles from Dumbarton to Cardross with a detour through the Vale Industrial Estate and Renton.
I felt the benefit of the lay-off, which was partially due to the time it took to recover from last Tuesdays run and partly the inability to get me butt into shorts. In the back of my mind was that I hadn't fully shaken off the effects of that damned virus, and everyone I've heard talk of their own experience with it seems to agree it has a longer lasting effect than the usual man flu. It allowed me to eat my way to fitness with several lovely meals, at my mother in laws on Christmas Day, at home, and at my neice's yesterday where we had a family gathering for my nephew's sixth birthday. Great fun had by all! The 27th always has an emotional effect on me as it was my Papa's (mother's dad) birthday, and yesterday would have been his 98th birthday. Nice to have a reminder now that it's Jack's birthday too. Funnily enough, my sister (Jack's gran) shared her birthday with my paternal grandmother!

So today's run will hopefully kick start my West Highland Way Race training after a bad December. I'm working on some motivational tools about which I will post before the New Year, together with my goals for 2009.

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