Monday, 8 December 2008

OOyah ...Ouch

After a full week's layoff,following my attempt at kicking the rocks off the WHW last week, I ventured out tonight taking advantage of a lull in the frost. Not being the small, svelte type, my centre of gravity does not lend itself to the icy conditions of the past week, and I was a bit worried that, after the initial pain went down, I could cause some secondary problems by favouring the injured toe. So the lay off lasted until today, when after being Mairi's chauffeur for the day, she having a few extractions at the dentist this afternoon and currently suffering from the aftermath, I got out for half an hour in the streetlights in the village. Three one mile loops, with every muscle fighting the brain signals that are supposed to guide true footfall. Honestly it was like Douglas Bader learning to walk again. (Look Bader up your-self, youngsters. Jim Robertson told me about him.) Anyway, I got round but my knee is throbbing although the injury site in my foot is fine. Maybe a wee run in the morning, to get the synovial fluid going you understand, prior to the club run tomorrow will do the trick.

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