Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Unlike some bloggers whose sites I read with regularity, I have a wonderful mother-in-law..... more than I can say for my wife! This year she presented me with the must have book this Christmas, Dean Karnazes'50 50 Secrets I Learned Whilst Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days, and this morning I had a long lie to finish the last few pages. A great book, a diary of his 2006 exploits together with some good advice on running long.So after putting it down I looked at my meagre pile of unread books, currently only about a dozen books deep, and wondered "What next"? Just then the postman knocked. Well actually my German Shepherd launched herself at the double glazing, a sure sign the postman is about to knock, and Lo and Behold he was delivering, straight from the US of A and about 2 weeks earlier than expected (well done the US Postal Service) A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning. So happy reading for a few more days! This book is a compilation of articles and edited by Don Allison and seems to be regarded as something of a bible of ultra running. And just to keep Jim Robertson happy, the first article recommends learning to run slow..... and then really slow. Just the discussion we had when we met in Morrisons on Monday! Why bother buying books?
Today's run at the club was preceded by a wee bit of core work, keeping up my intention of two activities a day. Only five turned up on a cold night although JR arrived in civvies heading to Glasgow to pick up his son and family. So Elaine led three of us on a 4 mile Tour de Vale, with Richard, Andy and I following the nice pace she set which pushed her a bit harder than she's used to, but fast enough for the rest of us to get the benefit. Home earlier than usual, to my wife's delight... until she realised there was footy on the box. Off to bed she went muttering something about football always coming before her. Absolute rubbish, given that we're in our 26th season of marraige!
On a more sombre note I am going to Linn Crematorium tomorrow to the funeral of one of Scottish Athletics great servants; John Innes. John is a long time servant of Victoria Park AAC and one of the best known officials in the UK. He worked tirelessly in many aspects of the sport, running the Indoor League at the Kelvin Hall for many years, as well as University and Disability Athletics. He tried hard to get me involved in officiating, refusing to take me off his mailing list "Just in case you change your mind". I last saw him in November when, despite ill health, he was marshalling out on a corner near Dawsholm Park during the Glasgow Uni 5 mile road race. I will forever hear him telling us runners to "keep left,keep left..... your other left!"
He'll be sadly missed.


WHW Runner said...

I was really sorry to hear of John's death. As you have mentioned, he put in a huge amount of work for athletics in Scotland and will be greatly missed. I worked closely with him when we were organising the Edinburgh to Glasgow relay in 2002. Although road running was not his main area of interest he was a real enthusiast for all parts of the sport ans was always prepared to help out. Hope it goes well tomorrow. Ian

Davie said...

Great turnout at John's service. Great tributes from his son David, Angus Cameron friend and fellow official and Colin Sinclair(?) of Victoria Park/City of Glasgow AAC. A fitting send off with one minutes applause, appropriately timed by stopwatch!