Friday, 19 December 2008

That time of year.....

Ain't it just. That time of year when everything stops waiting for the arrival of Santa and his helpers and then the New Year, whereupon verything starts anew, including training schedules, mileage counts and Goals.
John Kynaston has just published his intentions for 2009, 5 Ultras in celebration of 5 decades of life as he knows it. I wish him luck, but, if I can put on my sport massage therapist hat I would advise him to slow down a bit, as I'm sure he trains at too great an intensity for his aging body.
JR has been at me to slow down for years, and I certainly have! One benefit is that not chasing youngsters at training puts the old joints under les pressure and it's some time since I've had an overuse injury (as opposed to a trauma injury)..... that knocking noise you hear is me touching wood.
I've managed three runs this week, Monday's run logged, than Wednesday with Jogscotland, a slow 4 miles and last night's club run. I set off with the main group as they warmed up with a slow run to Balloch Park for hill reps. I continued along the traditional Vale 10k route getting a bit faster to try and get my lungs moving but finishing with a wheeze and coughing the contents of my lungs into the bushes at the CE Centre. As I went to get the changing room key Brian the caretaker asked "Did you enjoy that?" "No" but that was my own fault for pushing hard. Never mind, it's better out than in!
So, I'll miss out on the WHW training run as I don't think it's feasible tomorrow but I'll run somewhere for as long as I can. It'll be local though with shortcuts built in so I can cut out if necessary.
Talking of Christmas, this will be Debbie and Marco's last as a couple, as next year they will be three, Baby C being due in January. They can look forward to next Christmas when they will have a nearly one year old who will be pretty much aware of the goings on. Usually, baby's first Christmas is special but the special one misses out. One advantage of a January babby is a bit more awareness. And when baby is fed up with the wrapping paper he/she can take mummy for a run!


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Hope you're feeling better, Davie.

Santa's bringing me a baby jogger (hopefully!). I won't even be able to play with my new toy on Christmas day, as I'll be missing a vital prop. Maybe I could borrow my nephew.. :-)

Davie said...

"I'll be missing a vital prop"

Don't speak too soon :-)