Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Deccy Run

Three runs since my last post, none of which could be described as good runs, but distance is growing albeit the runs are slow.
Saturday was mainly off road along the shore at Cardross before climbing back up the farm road to the village. Very muddy and my legs soon tired and breathing suffered.
On Monday I tried to run round the Darleith Rd - Red road horseshoe, which is about 5 miles with a fair amount of climb. I took the easy option of anti cockwise, but only got as far as the top of Darleith before deciding to turn back as the Red Rd is knee jarring downhill and I was absolutely gubbed anyway.
To the club tonight where eight of set off with 8 miles on the schedule. Over the past few years of training with Milburn and JogScotland I have always enjoyed a sight seeing run round the various housing estates to see what the residents get up to with regard to outrageous Christmas decorations. As I had missed a few training runs recently and with Santa due on Thursday, tonight was the night. We set off towards Balloch and through the Mollanbowie Estate, where a few had tried but in the main this private housing estate was a bit reserved. Into Haldane where some of the best (read worst) examples have been seen in past years. However re-development seems to have dulled the residential enthusiasm. Either that or Cooncil edict has banned Santa from the rooftops and snowmen fro the gardens. Into Old Bonhill where my faith in human bad taste was rewarded with some fantastic dispays including Santa helicopters and full scale lawn and wall displays..... brilliant.
Just a few signs that the national financial crisis has dulled the enthusiasms or at least that only those who bypass their meters can afford to burn the leccy these days.
Anyway, back to running 70 minutes for probably nearer 7.5 miles at an easy pace with Steph insisting I try and maintain a low heart rate on the hills. That probably saved my life as even at the slow pace I was knackered come the finish.
Steph and Jimmy are planning to meet over the holiday period to put in some miles, but I think I'll just plug away at my own pace until I get my energy and fitness back.

In the meantime, a very merry Christmas to all who read this,and here's hoping Santa is good to all of you.


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Have a great Christmas, Davie.

FYI. The handicapper had a vested interest in ensuring who won the turkey, as we're all having Christmas dinner together.

Davie said...

One way of ensuring he isn't served spaghetti hoops I suppose.

Billy said...


What a terrible slur on the good people of Bonhill!

Many years ago, I used to go fishing for seatrout there at night on the Leven. One night I was approached by a wee Ned, who told be I'd have to get out, as "there's a net coming through". Sure enough, 5 minutes later the gang arrived and very efficiently lightened the pool of its fishy inhabitants. I decided that now maybe wasn't the best time to assert my rights as a permit-holding angler. They were gents though, and threw me a fish for my trouble.

Hope you had a good Christmas.


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Hi Davie, Thanks for your comment.
Let me know how you get on with the books. Always looking for a good read!