Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Out last night for 10 miles at the club. Same route as the 9 miler on 18/11 with a mile loop past the Vale golf club to make up the extra. So a few hills involved but nothing extreme. Six set off but after a bit of banter Steph and I pulled away and ran a fairly steady pace, with no heroics (aka testestorone). The run out to Dumbarton was virtually frost free, but, by the time we came back to Bonhill, Jack Frost had done his bit and as we climbed out of Main St Bonhill opposite the chippy we hit a very slippy patch that had us running on the verge. As soon as my brain had to work to restore balance my left quads decided they were not playing and stiffened up. However no damage done and a quick shower before going home to watch Chelsea v Cluj. Went to bed immediately after the football hoping top catch up with the sleep we had missed the night before with Mairi's teething problems. By Tuesday morning, she had bled from one of her wounds for about 10 or 11 hours before we phoned NHS 24 for advice. By the morning her face was badly swollen and she had a black eye and bruising to her face. She's had to take a couple of days off work, but of course that was just the time for me to develop some man flu. Just when I can't get any sympathy! Not that I ever get any. So I'm thinking I have to give Jogscotland a miss as the last thing I feel like is running. However, I've missed it for the last two weeks due to bereavement and injury, so I'll at least go along and speak to them even if I have to go home afterward.
I blame my sister in law who asked if we would have my nephews at the weekend and nephew 1 seems to have smit me with his bugs, but I'm sure it would have caught up with me at some time anyway. It's just woman's revenge for pregnancy anyway!!!

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