Monday, 29 December 2008

In the gym!!

As I felt a rest day would be a BIT cheeky after such a long lay off, I decided to do something different by going to the gym with my son. For no reason other than, as he works there, I get a freebie when I go with him. A warm up and cool-down on the cycle, sandwiched a light shoulder and leg circuit to break myself in gently. Then a swim and sauna before going home and finishing the last of my Christmas sweeties!
When my good lady came in I decided to go for a run as she would be watching some soap recordings before I ejected her to watch Man U. A couple of flat miles to start with but then ran up to the back of the village for a bit of hill efforts before coming home for a quick wash. Felt good despite my hammies singing a bit after the slight shock they got in the gym. One of my goals for 2009 will involve doing more resistance work, so they'd better get used to it!

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