Wednesday, 31 December 2008

End of the Year

Last run of the year completed, a steady 5 miles in the Vale round Cameron House. This week has seen a return to feeling like running and no ill effects after any of the runs, albeit they were short.
I started a new training diary when I decided to train for the WHW race,but there was a gap between the previous diary, at the middle of May, and the start of July when I started anew. Recorded mileage is 1309, but I was in a bit of a downer in June so there will maybe only another 100 miles or so to add.
Highlight of the year was the London Marathon, where I ran 3.45.34, which was probably as good as I would have dreamed of, but I faded in the past few miles so I think there is more where that came from. After that I was a lot slower than I thought I'd ever be in races at Troon and Helensburgh, before DNFing Clydebank, following a mad 1st 3k that left my legs screaming for mercy. Definitely stupid running at it's worst. Then I had my wee brush with the ultra community, enlivening my outlook towards training and setting my mind on the Fling and WHW race for 2009.
What a change in attitude!
My best 10k for a few years was at Irvine when I ran 43.40. Then I went to the Two Ferries where I ran 3minutes 31s faster than the previous year, although weather conditions made it feel like hard work! Good half marathons at Aviemore 1.44.42 (with a lengthy toilet stop and Fort William 1.43.41 and an improvement on my Club Handicap 10-miler round the Horseshoe before a fair run at the Glasgow Uni 5 miler 36.36.
These races put together meant that I completed the required races for the club road race championship in which I placed second 4 points behind the winner Pat Burns.
Then at the end of November I ran the club cross country race in Balloch Park, finishing third.
So, I'm pretty pleased with my year, albeit I had a bad time between the FLM and July, not surprising considering it was my first marathon. Hopefully, I can continue to improve and although I probably lack the experience of running long, hopefully my coaching knowledge will help me through a training programme compiled with the help of club colleagues, friends, fellow bloggers and the copious amount of reading material that is fair gathering beside my bed.

Athletics Goals for 2009
Finish Highland Fling
Finish West Highland Way Race
Improve PB or personal course records x 3
Complete club road race and cross country championship race requirements

Personal goals

Lose at least 1 and a 1/2 stones (worry not, this involves healthier eating not a slimming diet!) I am 14st 9 lbs folowing Christmas over eating combined with lack of running. Normal weight is about 14st 4lbs so I'm looking to dip under 13 st.
Have a garden to (at least) not be ashamed of!
So that's 2008 put to bed and goals set for 2009. Maybe I'll update the Ultra goals when I get a better idea of progress, but finishing will remain the main target.
All that remains is to wish all of you in Blogland, wherever you are, a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR

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WHW Runner said...

Happy new year Davie - hope you achieve all your goals. Ian