Sunday, 1 February 2009

Another New Muir

It's only when you look at the OS maps (in this case Loch Lomond South), that you realise how many moors surround the Dumbarton and Vale of Leven. In my past two long runs I've managed to knock off quite a few of them. They're all rough running and today's was rough walking! I met JR, Ali,Sandra and Christine at 8am for one of Jim's "local" runs. That only means we leave the car at the club car park. Where you end up is in the lap of the running Gods. To be fair, he often talks about these runs, but today's run was new to me, at least after we'd climbed to Pappert Well. Thereafter, we ran through the trees at the back of the trig point and across the moor to a cairn, before heading east (away from where I thought we'd be going, but that's JR) towards a fir plantation. At this point the (mainly flat) terrain consists of knee high tussocks of grass, moss, potholes and water, lots of cold water. I'm sure my next running injury will be chilblains! After about a mile and a half of this, a loup over a burn and nearly a loup over another one before I spotted a landrover track that saved the leap, we reached the trees and thereafter it was pretty easy running along a forest road, farm roads and back towards the Auchencarroch Horseshoe beloved of runners in the Vale. Arriving back after about 3 and a half hours of slow running/walking in WHW mode. Probably covered in the region of 15 Robertsons, a measure of distance that can be plus or minus whatever your guess is!
Only problem is bit of a clicky knee that has come about as a result of my wife lying on my leg when I was sleeping the other night. Woke up to a shooting pain in the knee. No great problem I hope but annoying.

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